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Season 3 Episode Updates

Source: Battlestar wiki

Bradley Thompson told us the full episode list for Season 3.0 on BattlestarWiki, titles, directors, and writers.

When Ron Moore said that episode 1 "Occupation" and episode 2 "Precipice" were being combined into one "super episode", he meant that more literally: Technically, **ELEVEN hours of Battlestar Galactica will air BEFORE the one-month Christmas break. "Occupation" is now episode 1 and it's aired back to back with "Precipice" which is now referred to as "Episode 1.5"---->There will be 9 episodes IN ADDITION to the 2 hour premiere.

Keep in mind that episode titles are subject to change until they actually air on screen:

Occupation - Episode 1 - Written by Ron Moore, directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

Precipice - Episode "1.5" - Written by RDM and Sergio (aired back to back with "Occupation" as a super-episode)

Exodus, Part I - Episode 2 - written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle, director Felix Acala --->The *third* hour of tv that we'll see, the second week that the series airs; Note: all subsequent episodes listed here are following this pattern of considering Occupation and Precipice COMBINED as "Episode One"....what can I say, BSG refuses to be defined by such terms as "two parter", ans is once again breaking the mold)- I asked "But shouldn't Exodus Part I be "episode 3", and Thompson explained: "That's because you're counting Occupation and Precipice as two eps. Which they used to be, but they will air as one massive season premiere.", oddly, this isn't like "Resurrection Ship Parts I and II", which was WRITTEN as one episode but split into 2 (or Exodus, which was also split into 2 parts) Occupation and Precipice were originally intended/written to be individual episodes.

Exodus, Part II - Episode 3 - written Thompson & Weddle, director technically unassigned (there's "about eight minutes of material we still need to shoot to make both of them work.", the episode isn't finished filming yet so technically Acala isn't listed as the director yet --Director's Guild of America legallity stuff that will probably get sorted out soon; "Exodus" was originally one episode that got expanded into 2)

Collaborators - Episode 4 - written by Mark Verheiden, Dir by Michael Rymer

Torn - Episode 5 -written by Anne Cofell Saunders, Dir by Jean de Segoznac

A Measure of Salvation - Episode 6 - written by Michael Angeli, Dir by Bill Eagles--->Episodes 5 and 6 (Torn and AMoS) are the two-parter set on a dying Cylon Basestar afflicted by a plague, as previously mentioned by Olmos at Comic-Con)

Hero - Episode 7 written by David Eick, Dir by Michael Rymer

Unfinished Business - Episode 8 - written by **Michael Taylor**, Dir by Robert Young--->Michael Taylor is the former Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writer who's joining the staff this year, who wrote DS9 episodes "The Visitor" and "In the Pale Moonlight", widely held to be DS9's best episodes. This is the dedicated flashback episode to events during the year missed on New Caprica (there will be a few other flashbacks scattered in earlier episodes, but this one is almost entirely flashbacks)

The Passage - Episode 9 - writer **Jane Espenson**, Dir by Michael Nankin --->Espenson is the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer staff writer, who also wrote for Firefly and an episode of Deep Space Nine (Moore talks about her in more detail in the recent blog entry).

The Eye of Jupiter - Episode 10 - Christmas break cliffhanger, part one of a two part episode. written by Mark Verheiden, Dir by Michael Rymer

**One Month Christmas Break, then...***

Rapture - Episode 11 - written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson, Dir by Michael Rymer (This is the second half of the cliffhanger)

This is followed by four currently unnamed episodes:

Episode 3.12 - written by **Michael Taylor**, Dir by ***Edward James Olmos***
Episode 3.13 - written by Michael Angeli, Dir by Michael Rymer
Episode 3.14 - written by Mark Verheiden
Episode 3.15 - written by Anne Cofell Saunders

****Edward James Olmos will direct another Battlestar Galactica episode! His last was "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down". He couldn't direct one in Season 2 due to scheduling conflicts. ***Roughly episode 11-12 is filming as of now, last week of July.

An incredible amount of information, I appreciate Mr. Thompson's time and interaction on BattlestarWiki. Please check us out for more updates as we get them. 5 by 5.

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