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Kandyse McClure interview

Source: Cult Times Special #40 via Live Journal

She was interviewed while filming Unfinished Business , and starts off going into how her character has changed and developed over the last two years.

Playing Dee has not been straight-forward, as she is not "always clearly defined", and that she is discovering more and more who Dee is with each new script. She feels that Dee "grew up more in Season Two. My character got a stronger sense of herself, and what she did and did not want in a relationship. Dualla was also better able to stand up to authority figures,and in general just set some boundaries and definitions on how she wanted to live her life and what she would and wouldn't tolerate. I think her relationship with Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) speaks to that as he would not look at a childish woman. I also see Dee as being a worthy adversary of sorts for Lee, and by that I meant she pokes fun at him a little bit. She rarely skips a beat in telling him whats on her mind, and we're seeing more of that this (third) season."

She discusses Dee's relationship with Billy and how sad it was to see Paul Campbell leave, and how she really did cry at his death scene.

In regards to the Lee/Dee romance, she has "to admit that at fist I felt the Lee and Dualla romance was rather sudden. I asked myself "is this going to work?". After all, she had been this indecisive, hot and cold type of girl, but in fact their relationship worked out. It's sort of fed itself......".

She also describes the relationship with "There had to be playfulness as well as a sexuality and a passion. That spaRk didn't really exist with Billy but it does with Lee".

At the end of season two the interview confirms that she is his wife and the Pegasus XO. "My character is at the helm as opposed to monitoring communications, wearing a new uniform as well as a new hairdo and a bit of an attitude, "she jokes." And that Lee "has become somewhat distracted (personally and professionally) so Dualla has taken over insofar as making sure things on board are running smoothly."

However there will be some conflict between the two of them, and at of season 3, there is "this terrific scene in the season opener where my character is giving Lee what for."

However it is "just about two people who have been together for a while, and Dualla wanting to stand up for Lee because he has not been doing it for himself."

She goes on to say that this idea is a real "throughline for what their relationship is...."

She sums up her relationship with Lee in season three.
"Dualla knows all these things about Lee, including his flaws, his history with Starbuck, as well as the tension between him and his father....... and it doesn't matter. She's the one person he can count on to give it to him straight, stand up for him, fight for him, and love him even when he doesn't love himself enough. That's a concrete feeling Dualla will always have for him, irrespective of what happens in their relationship."

The Full interview is in Cult Times Special #40.

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