Friday, July 28

The ‘Bear' and the Beat

Source: IESB Movie Reporter

Tico drums, morrocan beats, electric fiddles, and pounding washing machines are just a few of the surprising elements that make up the music signature of Battlestar Gallactica. “You gotta be frackin' kinding?!” Fans exclaimed.
IESB movie reporter has given more details over the San Diego Comic Con International . Many fans expressed praise over the new series of Battlestar Galactica " “I'm so impressed with the cinematic quality of the show!” . In attendance also was Richard Hatch who plays Tom Zarek , terrorist turned politician in the show. Hatch praised Bear's work stating “It takes a lot amazing talent and passion” hatch explains. “Bear is going the distance with time, money, and sound effects, revealing the unconscious levels of the story. " Sentiments that all fans of the show will immediately echo. The Event gave fans a unique insight into the show with blooper reals from the show with a parody delcaring Col Tigh as the cylon model 13. Soundtrack CDs for the BG TV series can be found at LaLa records or Mark your calendars, set your TIVOs, DVRs and VCRs as the season 3 premiere of BSG is October 6 2007.

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bbandito said...

But will it have the extended version of Pegasus? Don't short change us Aussies Ron and David! We love BSG too!