Friday, September 22

BSG Magazine #7 is the last issue.

Source: Ragnar Anchorage

Here is a letter that was addressed to me advising me of the end of BSG Magazine and that issue 7 was the last issue, I am hereby sharing the content with you guys since several of you also have a subscription to this magazine, this letter also confirms the rumour of termination of BSG Magazine.

September 2006.

Dear Subscriber,

The Express Mag team is pleased to count you among our faithful subscribers and wishes to thank you for your continued confidence in us.

Please note that your copy of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA issue 7, which you have just received, is the last published issue of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. It is with regret that we inform you that your favourite magazine has ceased publication.

Since it is our goal to provide our subscibers with the best possible service we will continue you subsciption with STARGATE SG1-ATLANTIS as a replacement magazine for the remainder of your subscription period. The length of your subscription to STARGATE SG1-ATLANTIS will be calculated in accordance to the credit balance remaining in your BATTLESTAR GALACTICA subscription account. We hope this solution meets with your satisfaction.

Should you require any additional information, do not hesitate to cntact us at 1-877-363-1310, or write to us at the address provided below. An Express Mag customer service representative will be pleased to answer your questions.


Customer Service Depatment
Express Mag

Submitted by Giorgio


sungoddess said...

I wonder what's the real reason behind the end of publication... man I was hoping for a nice long run!!

screamndigit said...

maybe the powers that be decided to do something "in-house" or with another publishing company. i mean it cant be from a lack of interest...