Tuesday, September 5

SciFi Launches New "Battlestar Galactica" Webisodes

Source: TV Fodder

We're almost there! Just one month left before the Season Three premiere of "Battlestar Galactica"! We've almost survived the endless months since the end of the last season. Almost.

To reward us for our patience, the SciFi Channel has created ten new "prequel" webisodes. Entitled "The Resistance," the bite-sized episodes chronicle the events that follow the Season Two finale and lead directly into the Season Three premiere.

New webisodes will be posted to SciFi's website every Tuesday and Thursday at midnight Eastern time.

The first ("The Resistance, Part 1") is posted and waiting for you. It's roughly four minutes long - with a "sneak peak to the next season at the end, but really that's just the same commercial that SciFi has been running already. It takes place 67 days after the Cylon occupation and features Colonel Tigh, Chief Tyrol, Cally and some new faces.

Because it's so short, it's not very satisfying (at least not yet), but it's better than no "Battlestar" at all.

Season Three premieres Friday, October 6. We're so close!

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