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The Light with Katee Sackhoff

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Katee Sackhoff Talks About Working on White Noise 2

Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff spent her hiatus from the series on the set of the movie, White Noise 2: The Light. Where the original 2005 movie centered on EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), White Noise 2 explores near death experiences (NDE). The story focuses on Abe Dale (Nathan Fillion), a grieving man who tries to commit suicide, has a near-feath experience, and is revived after seeing the white light. Abe quickly discovers his brush with death has changed everything...

What can you say about your character in White Noise 2?
"My character is Sherry Clark. She's kind of a little eccentric nurse who ends up being in the emergency room when Nathan [Fillion's] character is brought in, in the beginning of the film.

They kind of become friends in a sense because they are both going through the same grieving process in their lives. So, she kind of latches on to him to help him through the process because it's something she has gone through a couple years before. She thinks that she is inevitably helping him through the process a little better than he could do it himself. She's kind of always there. There is that fine line and I think she walks it on the line, every single time. Occasionally she might go a little bit over, but then pulls herself back.

She's really fun. She's a lot different than Starbuck [from Battlestar Galactica]. I finally get to play the damsel in distress. I called my agent up after one scene and went, 'I just screamed and cried and actually got beat up, and it was great and I didn't fight back!' (Laughing) And I was like, 'At the same time, I really just wanted to give him a roundhouse to the head!' So the character is really fun. It's different. She changes her hair color like, you know, every day. Every week. It's pretty fun."

So she's sort of a Florence Nightingale-type stalker?
"Yeah, but she does have a cute way of doing it. Everything she does is really pathetic because it's from her heart. She really does care about people and she wants to help everybody. She just puts herself out on that limb a little too far sometimes. She might fall off, but tonight is that scene. She's really letting Abe [Fillion's character] know he's really got no secrets right now from her. That she kind of knows everything. This is where the walls start to come down, I think."

Does your character experience some of the paranormal things Nathan Fillion's character experiences?
"My character doesn't know anything about that. She's completely separate from that story line that he's going through until the very end when he calls her and he says, 'I need help.' He just does a few things and is researching all this stuff he's talking about. That's when she starts to get clued in [on what] he is going through and what is happening. But she doesn't really know the depths that he has, you know, sunk into."

Are there any light moments in the movie or is it all heavy?
"Is it all death and [Electronic Voice Phenomenon] ghosts? No, there are some moments… I think just working with Nathan is great because you can have that. I think it's one of those things even if it wasn't written in, it just seems to find a way into the script. Like, he'll make me laugh so hard right before a scene and I'm like, 'What's my dialogue?' So it's been great, really great."

Do you believe in any of the paranormal stuff?
"Yeah, of course I do. I think that's what so scary about this film as opposed to something like a Halloween. I bring that up only because I did one and I know how unrealistic the horror is, I guess, to me. But I think this is more of a psychological thriller. Those little things that you always ask, 'Could there really be someone behind me?' But you never know… I think that's what is scary about White Noise is that it's so terrifying. And everyone else has seen those little ants on the screen and you always wonder if you stared at it long enough if, because I've actually done this, if you stare at it, it can actually flip channels. Kind of like a radio station does. It will flip back and forth occasionally. You never know, and I think that's what's so great about it. You never know."

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