Tuesday, September 19

Exclusive Interview: Ron Moore

Source: CHUD

Over the course of two seasons Battlestar Galactica has gone from "They brought back that crappy show?" to one of the smartest and relevant programs on television (to be fair, it was always smart and relevant, it's just that a lot of us didn't realize it early on). The man behind the show is Ronald Moore - hardcore fans of Galactica know Moore from the show's weekly podcasts, which are essentially commentaries for the latest episodes that you can download from iTunes, a really cutting edge and fun way for the show runner to speak directly to the viewers.

The second half of Galactica's second season is hitting DVD today, and the final episode is a shocker - so much so that, if you haven't seen it, you may want to be wary of this interview, which discusses elements of that episode and the massive impact it has on the show in the third season. That season ending shocker was great not just because it was unexpected but because it was one of the few times a successful show changed up the status quo simply because it would be a good story.

Season three of Galactica premieres on October 6 on the SciFi Channel, and the show is moving to a new timeslot, airing an hour earlier at 9pm. Make sure you buy season 2.5 on DVD from CHUD by clicking here and then watch all the webisodes leading up to the premiere - two webisodes a week giving the background of the resistance that is gearing up to fight the Cylon occupation. Watch the webisodes on scifi.com.

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