Thursday, September 7

The Resistance - Episode 2

Source: Galactica Station

For non US residents, please visit the above link to download the episode.

Outside - New Caprica - Duck, Jammer, and Galen around what looks to be a small water tower

Duck: Look, part of me would love to kick some chrome plated ass with you guys. But, it’s not gonna happen. I just….got other plans.
Duck leaves
Jammer sighs
Galen: Other plans. What the frak is that?
Jammer: Nora.
Galen: So what! I’ve got a wife and a kid - you don’t think I worry about them? What kind of a future are we gonna leave them if we just lay down and quit?! That’s just a spineless excuse.
Jammer: Duck’s no coward, Chief. He made his choice, we made ours. Let’s just leave it at that.
Galen: Frak that.
Galen walks away.
Jammer fumbles with the water hose.

Inside - Temple Tent - Jammer, Jean, Tigh, Sister Tivenan

Sister Tivenan walks by with an offering.
Jean: We give thanks for the food you have presented us. May this harvest be spared the blight.
Jammer & Tigh: So say we all.
Jean: So say we all.
Sister Tivenan exits.
Jean: We picked up all the weapons from the other sites. They’re in crates marked “machine parts“. We’ll smuggle them over here a few at a time.
Jammer: Wait a minute…You want to hide the firearms in the temple?
Jean: Something wrong with that?
Jammer: This is sacred ground. The cylons respect that. Which is why we should leave the temple alone.
Tigh: And that makes it the perfect hiding place.
Jammer: But it’s sacrilege!
Tigh: I’ll tell you what - you say a prayer, ask the Gods to forgive us. We move the guns in tonight.
Tigh and Jean exit.

Transcribed by: polaris

You can download the 2 minute episode by visiting Galactica Station

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Tama said...

Thanks for the pointer to a the webisodes for those of us outside the US who can't actually access the webisodes via SciFi directly.

The frustrations I experienced in trying to find the webisodes led me to write a rather long post that might be of some interest to readers here: The Battlestar Galactica Webisodes & The Tyranny of Digital Distance.