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Starburst Magazine: Battlestar Galactica Season 3

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What lis ahead for the last remnants of Humanity, now that the Cylons are in control? What will Season 3 reveal? Find clues, comments and caution in our Special interviews...

Starburst Special #77

The eagerly-awaited Season Three of Battlestar Galactica is likely to be defined by one word - Cylons! This year we are promised a chance to discover more about these machine-like creatures - finding out what makes them tick, perhaps even a glimpse of their homeworld. The Cylons are the most overt Sci-Fi element of the series, which prides itself on its realism, but they are also the reason for its tangible sense of jeopardy.

"I had to do an extremely harrowing sequence involving lots of motion effects and Cylons," actor James Callis recalls of his first scenes for Season Three. "Things go from bad to worse and it's all due to the Cylons. We'll be exploring the Cylons in greater depth and opening up a whole new can of worms. It's not like you're filming a spoaceship with Human beings. We're not 100 per cent sure what it means to be a Cylon, what these things really are or how they think, so there's the potential to get us into trouble."

Mary McDonnell, who plays President Roslin, recalls. "Eddie Olmos (Commander Adama) and I were having lunch recently and talking about the Cylons. At one point we actually looked at each other and said 'We're in deep crap. How are we going to get out of this?' And Eddie said 'Well, don't look at me - you're the president!'"

"This is the type of scene I think Laura and Adama will need to have somewhere down the line because they truly don't know what to do. The Cylons are so sophisticated and ahead of Humans, and yet they are a reflection of us, which is why they are so advanced. They have Human properties along with an advanced consciousness, as well as machine-like possibilities all in one. We're still just Human beings. We're really going to have to work our tails off to stay ahead of the Cylons. Things are becoming more complicated, and that has me more excited. I've never experienced anything like Battlestar Galactica and it's a privilege to be a part of telling such a story."

Nicki Clyne who plays Crewman Specialist Cally, thinks Season Three has given her her most challenging scene yet - a face-to-face confrontation with Grace Park as the Cylon infiltrator, Boomer. "It's a really intense confrontational scene between the two of us. I didn't know if I'd be able to pull it off after being on hiatus for four months. Luckily, Grace and I have a history together on this series, both as our characters and as friends and actresses, so everything just fell into place. It was a really great way to start the season!"

In the pages of this Starburst Special, you will find exclusive on-set interviews with some of the talented actors and technicians who make this award-winning series, conducted by Steven Eramo. You'll learn more about some of your favourite characters - Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff), Boomer (Grace Park), Anders (Michael Trucco) and Helo (Tahmoh Penikett). Plus more behind-the-scenes secrets about Season Three! In the words of Edward James Olmos, "Last season was outstanding, and this season is shaping up to be even better!"

You will find the many Battlestar interviews in Starburst Special #77

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