Friday, September 15

TV Column: BSG S3 Preview Episodes

Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

So we settled back to watch three preview episodes of the new season of Battlestar Galactica, one of the favorites at our house. The Sci-Fi series has it all - drama, action, emotion, moments of quiet reflection, comments on the human condition and no goofy space aliens with two heads.

Imagine our surprise when the "previously on Battlestar Galactica" scenes came on and there was a bunch of stuff we had never seen. What was going on ? We had watched every episode and here was mystery stuff.

My public relations e-mail at the office explained it all the next morning and I'm not too sure I'm happy about it.

Battlestar Galactica returns at 8 p. m. Oct. 6. Meanwhile, Sci-Fi is running an online miniseries of 10 episodes titled Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance. New two- or three-minute episodes are on www. scifi. com every Tuesday and Thursday.

The 10 "Webisodes" won't be airing on TV, but they fill in the gap between the final episode of last season and where the action picks up next month. They advance the plot.

It's bold and daring, sure, but is it TV ? Sci-Fi claims viewers won't have to have seen the Web site episodes to follow the broadcast action, but if we were puzzled at our house, other viewers will be, too.

Other series have had Webisodes featuring the characters from the shows, but these have been stand-alone sketches or snippets of stuff. With Battlestar Galacticia's experiment the plot is actually moved along off the air.

Wave of the future ? It could be. Brace yourselves. The next thing you know there will be important plot points in episodes available only on our wireless phones.

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