Monday, January 8

The Indomitable Richard Hatch Joins the Next Slice of SciFi Show

Source: Slice of SciFi

On January 10th, Mr. Richard Hatch, the man who has spent nearly 30 years aboard the Galactica, or somewhere in Galactica verse — and loving every minute of it — will be our guest on Slice of SciFi Show #091. We are excited about Richard dropping by to chat as he is one of our all-time favorite people and guests on the show. This will be his third visit with us at the DracoVista Studios since we first began this little showbiz ditty called Slice of SciFi almost two years ago.

We get to find out what he’s been up to, what’s in-store for him in the future and, most importantly, have a geek-fest with him as we get giddy over the return of “Battlestar Galactica” on its new night — (what is going on with Tom Zarek anyway - is he a good guy, bad guy or a pure opportunist?).

As usual we have plenty of other good stuff on the show with loads of news, Movie and TV Talk, the guys from drop by with two movie reviews this time, “Children of Men” and Pan’s Labyrinth”, and once again we gaze into Merlin’s Pool to catch a glimpse of what will be in our future moviegoing destiny.

All of this and plenty of snarkiness to-boot on Slice of SciFi Show #091, ready for download and listening on January 10, 2007.

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