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TV Squad Review: Rapture

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I think I said this the last time I posted about this episode, but it felt very much like a season premiere or finale, even though it technically isn't a premiere. So many plot points are either semi-resolved or introduced, leaving me to thank the gods that this is just the beginning of another whole half-season of goodness.

Let's go over what I think are the main plot points of the episode, based on the quotes I teased you with last week...

Athena (to Helo): "I'm begging you to do this. Find the courage to do this for both of us, OK?"

I was surprised at how quickly some of you guessed what this quote was referring to -- good call! When I first saw this scene I was taken by surprise, just as I believe the writers were hoping for. If there was any question before that their love for their daughter was true, this certainly settles it.

Tyrol: "Welcome home, Mr. President."

Here again I was surprised at how little this caused a stir with readers. It was pretty obvious that Tyrol encounters Baltar here, though no one questioned why he seemed to be welcoming him home? Maybe you all thought it might be a dream?

Anyway, I can't wait to see how this all plays out with Baltar back on board the Galactica. My guess is that Tyrol hid him in a body bag to show Tigh si they could have a bit of "fun" with him before Adama caught wind of his capture. I think we haven't seen the last of Baltar's bouts of torture just yet.

D'Anna: "You. Forgive me, I ... I had no idea."

I think many of us assumed this would happen eventually, but even still, this is huge! The speculation that'll be tossed around as to who D'Anna could be talking to here will last for quite a while. However, the one quote I didn't add to my list, and one that could possibly considered just as important, is what she says to Baltar: "You were right." And now we all have to wonder just what Baltar's wondering: "Right about what?"

Remember, D'Anna was among the ships of Galactica for quite some time under the guise of a reporter, so she knows quite a lot of that crew. But who could she have thought she'd have to apologize to once she realized that person was a Cylon? Remember, also, that D'Anna looked at at least three of the other Cylons before seeing a face she recognized, so I guess we could assume they are ones we really haven't seen before.

Another observation: Why are there six white tapestries and only a "final five" Cylons? Does D'Anna now take that sixth spot?

Athena: "Don't shoot! She helped us escape!"

Not as huge a plot point as the others, but still a story changer. Another Cylon on board the Galactica, and although she did help Athena escape the Base Star, I'd be pretty disappointed if she suddenly became so quickly trusted as Athena has become. But now with Athena knowing that her baby was hidden all this time from her by humans, will she work with Six to do some damage in retaliation? Lots to look forward to with this.

Brother Cavil: "Your model is fundamentally flawed."

I thought it was pretty obvious all along that D'Anna's model would be the one to be boxed, as many spoilers had indicated would happen. What's surprising now, though, is what her model has taken to the, er, box with her: the knowledge of who at least several of the unrevealed Cylons are.

While these weren't the only advances in the story, it seems everything else is vastly overshadowed by those mentioned above. Though there's some advancement in the Galactica's search for Earth, it's almost a little insignificant here.

What were your thoughts on the show airing on Sunday night? Personally I like it a lot better, though luckily I didn't have to contend against football tonight with having the DVD ahead of time.

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