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SciFi Channel's Exec VP on BSG Season 4 & Flash Gordon

Source: IF Magazine

Intrepid and determined, and always trying to find out the details on our favorite shows, iF MAGZINE cornered SCI FI Channel Executive Vice President Dave Howe at a cocktail party celebrating their new show PAINKILLER JANE and got the inside line on some of our favorite shows and what’s coming up for the network.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA seems to be doing well enough to warrant a fourth season, the future of a LOST ROOM series looks bleak, and we’re still not sure what to expect from FLASH GORDON, but read on as we spill the secrets and answers we were able to glean from our audience with one of SCI FI’s fearless leaders.

iF MAGAZINE: What can you tell me about the concept for the new FLASH GORDON. Will it be campy like the 1980’s movie or grittier like the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA?

DAVE HOWE: I can’t tell you, not because I won’t tell you, but we really don’t know. First of all I’m really thrilled by the buzz for FLASH GORDON. It’s been an incredible response since we said we were re-making the show. I have to say that I have always been a huge fan, and it’s always been one of my all time favorite movies. When I threw out that we should re-make FLASH GORDON a lot of people said it was cheesy, and I reminded them that was what we said about BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. The reason I can’t tell you much is I don’t know. I’ve seen some very early treatments, very embryonic discussions about what to do with it and where to take it. We don’t want to replicate the comic and we want to take it in a new and fresh direction, and make it relevant and relatable and most important we want it to be fun. We want it to be in the spirit of the pulp comics, which is anything goes with bright blue skies and fun. That was what I loved about the movie, that it was campy and smart. Ask us again in a month’s time and we’ll have more developed for it.

iF: Will BATTLESTAR GALACTICA be back for a fourth season?

HOWE: Here’s how it works in TV. A lot of people have said to me that it appears to be some indecision as to whether BATTLESTAR GALACTICA comes back or not. Absolutely not. The way it works is you have a pick up date by which you have to make a decision about picking up shows for the next season, and you don’t need to make the decision until that date so we don’t make the decision until that date. Do I think BATTLESTAR will come back? I’m pretty much certain BATTLESTAR will come back. It’s doing incredibly well; it’s held its audience on Friday nights against broadcast competition. We’ve moved it to Sunday and paired it with a new show, which we’re hoping will bring in even more of an audience. I’m optimistic and I would be shocked if we did not renew BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

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