Wednesday, January 24

Is Starbuck a Cylon?

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Is Starbuck a Cylon? Biggest Question of Second Half of BSG Season

I hope you stayed up late last night and watched the mid-season return of Battlestar Galactica. If you didn't, and you're one of those wimps who doesn't like spoilers, park yourself in front of the frakkin' DVR and come back when you're ready to hear crucial plot points revealed.

Now that I have that out of the way, let's talk about where show co-creators David Eick and Ron Moore are taking us for the rest of the season. Obviously, a big focus will be finding the remaining five cylon models. Last night's episode revealed that Starbuck may be one of the five. After all, she has the image from the "Eye of Jupiter" implanted in her brain and there are a lot of other suspicious things about her. Let's ponder the case against Starbuck's humanity. Your honor, I present here eight pieces of evidence that Starbuck is clearly a cylon:

1. Uncanny ability to sneak right up to the Resurrection Ships and get close-up pictures of them when she was on a secret mission for Admiral Cain.

2. The Simon cylon was oddly unable to turn Starbuck into a baby-maker for the Cylon when he captured her and tried to stick her into the baby farm.

3. Starbuck's connection with the Leoben model when she was imprisoned on New Caprica had an edge to it that said cylon-vs-cylon rather than cylon-vs-human.

4. The mad Cylon hybrid who controls the Basestar says there will be a "chosen one" (presumably from among the Cylon) who will know the Eye of Jupiter. Turns out that Starbuck has been painting an image of the Eye of Jupiter since she was a kid.

5. While injured and strung out, Starbuck manages to figure out how to pilot a busted Cylon Raider with minimal difficulty, despite the fact that engineering geek Galen can't make heads or tails of the thing. Is this her cylon programming taking over?

6. Katee Sackoff, the actor who plays Starbuck, has hinted that she may leave the show. Possibly she'll be outed as a cylon and killed?

7. When D'Anna sees the face of one of the "unknown five" in the Temple, she gives it the same reverent look that Leoben used to give Starbuck when he had her in captivity.

8. Only a robot could have sex with Apollo. OK, so maybe Dualla is a cylon too.

Hard to deny, isn't it? I'll accept your answering brief attempting to dismiss my case against Starbuck's innocence in the comment field below. But I doubt you'll get any judge to agree with you. The trial of Starbuck is on!

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