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Jamie Bamber and why Starbuck can't commit - pt2

Source: If Magazine

The actor also shares his opinions of where the series should end and how


Jamie Bamber playing Lee “Apollo” Adama in SCI FI Channel’s hit series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is in his own words a sort of reactionary character that gets what he gives from the relationships he forms with the people in his storyline. Bamber explains to iF MAGAZINE in part 2 of our exclusive interview; how he feels about real fathers and sons, and why Kara “Starbuck” Thrace can’t commit to any kind of real relationship. Of course we also get to touch on his opinions of where the series should end and how.

iF MAGAZINE: Do you like the fact that Lee and Admiral Adama have a back and forth relationship which changes practically every episode?

JAMIE BAMBER: Yeah, I do, it’s a lot more interesting to play than if they stayed buddies all season. The other thing is that they are, more in season three and the end of season two, more as one and totally in accord. Even in that accord they quarrel and things happen; external things happen to act as a catalyst in their relationship and the old struggles rear their heads. Then they see that they aren’t as similar as they thought they think they or they think they have become and they have issues with each other. Personally, I find that very true to life. I don’t think there is a father and son relationship out there that doesn’t constantly reiterate itself, whatever the grudge is, it’s very hard to let it go. We look at our childhoods as such a formative period because we only have one and whatever happens in that childhood, if something between two people, it just gets dredged up again. The writers are to be applauded. I always kind of looked at the maternal figure, the latent mother, his wife and Lee’s mother as the “idea parent”, but the writers have flipped that on its head. It makes sense if you see what’s gone on between them, and play back every scene, it adds to the drama when you get the reality that Lee couldn’t stomach his mum and Adama. I had always thought that she was the perfect mother because she is never seen or spoken of, but the writers had other ideas for her.

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