Saturday, December 9

Death is Just a Revolving Door

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This is the episode I was expecting last week, a real character driven piece that had heart, but provided a much needed breather from the heavy-hitting episodes that they've been doling out.

At first I was annoyed that it was a Kat-centric show, but by the end she had won me over with determination, even if she was basically committing suicide in the process. Her scenes with Admiral Adama gave him an opportunity to share more of his thoughts on fighting and war time struggles. "What you did was harder than facing a bullet and you did it without putting another soul in harms way." He also showed a softer side telling her he didn't care about her past or her secrets and then recalling how he and his wife had wanted a daughter. Sweet. He's really such an incredible leader that cares deeply about each and every person who reports to him.

That said, I'll be interested next week to see how many souls were lost in the jump process. They lost two ships. That had to do some damage to this already spare fleet. It was somewhat haunting to see the faces of the hard working Battlestar flight crew. They all had deeply sunken eyes and could barely stand by end of their back and forth mission. But I guess the important thing is that their mission to get across was completed and they've found a food supply, even if isn't the tastiest of cuisines.

It was also interesting to see Saul back up in the CIC. Did you catch that he almost hesitated before stepping in there, like he wasn't sure if he was ready for it? That was almost as interesting to me as seeing that Gaita refused to applaud Tigh's return. There's going to be another clash between these two at some point, I can just tell.

It was sort of interesting in contrast to Kat's suicide mission to see D'anna who was basically killing herself repeatedly in an attempt to uncover the identity of the final five cylon models. She's got a long way to go since those sketches were more than a little vague.

Gaius on the other hand may not have discovered the final five, or found out if he was one, but he did get quite a bit of information from the hybrid about the path to earth. I'm glad that he was able to decipher the blathering of the hybrid, but it was still weird to see him and D'Anna so chummy. He may suspect that she's up to something – "I'll never understand what you do all day long, living on this thing like fleas on a cat." - but I'm so used to him being devoted solely to Caprica, that it is quite an adjustment.

I don't think there is any way that Baltar could be a Cylon, he seems to hope that that would bring him a sense of identity or redemption, but I think that would be too easy of a fate for him. He's just a frakked up human whose main and only goal is self preservation at any cost. He'd never be able to do something like Kat did, and even if he discovered he was a Cylon I don't think he'd be able to do what D'Anna does because he just seems too preoccupied and panicked about if he'd return or not.

So even though this was a seemingly slower episode (which didn't even acknowledge the fallout of last week's boxing match meltdown) it still got me very excited for next week's mid-season finale. I just can't wait.

by Angel Cohn

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Rob Robinson said...

Thanks for posting this. I agree that Baltar would make a lousy Cylon. I hope that isn't the path the writers take because I think it would be too easy ... and very unfulfilling.