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Tahmoh talks about "Trick 'r Treat" (2007)

Source: Fangoria

Canadian actor Tahmoh Penikett (pictured) gave Fango the lowdown on the Warner Bros. horror anthology TRICK ‘R TREAT, in which he co-stars. Written and directed by X2 and SUPERMAN RETURNS co-scribe Michael Dougherty with those film’s director on board as a producer, the movie is currently filming in Vancouver for October 5 release next year. Penikett (best-known for his portrayal of Helo on the Sci Fi Channel series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) tells us from the set of TRICK ‘R TREAT that he plays “Henry, husband to the lovely Emma, played by the beautiful and talented actress Leslie Bibb.”

Penikett says of Dougherty’s TRICK ‘R TREAT script, “It's very witty, with all of these different stories and characters interwoven on Halloween night.” The four tales involve a high-school principal who moonlights as an All Hallow’s serial killer, a wife who despises the holiday and her husband’s obsession with it, a virgin on the lookout for that special guy and a group of tweens who orchestrate a sadistic prank. While he’s certainly enthusiastic regarding the ensuing mayhem, Penikett notes, “The coolest thing about this project is all the people on board: Bryan Singer and actors Brian [RED EYE] Cox, Dylan [FIDO] Baker, Anna [DARKNESS] Paquin and Leslie!”

Penikett is equally impressed by his writer/director, who just so happens to be “a big fan of the [GALACTICA] series,” which led to the actor being called in to audition for his TRICK ‘R TREAT role. “I was amazed at his résumé,” the flattered Penikett says of Dougherty’s previous work. “He’s an incredibly talented and intelligent individual.”

As for the number of days he’s scheduled for, “I believe it’ll end up being eight, [due to] all of the days we had to cancel because of some surprise snow.” Regardless of the frigid conditions, the Vancouver native says he’s having a good time. “Mike’s awesome to work with, but you have to watch your back on set because he’s the ultimate prankster! We’ve been in stitches most of the shoot, because he’s constantly trying to get Leslie.”

Despite the youthful orientation of the majority of the movie’s storylines, the actor says that not only is TRICK ‘R TREAT aiming for an adult demographic, but that the production has brought in some big guns to realize its more horrific elements. “Bill [FREDDY VS. JASON] Terezakis and Patrick [UNDERWORLD] Tatopoulos are doing the creatures,” Penikett reveals, with “visual effects by Rainmaker [Animation].” As for how much onscreen splatter Penikett, who also appears in another forthcoming horror anthology, TRAPPED ASHES, has endured, the actor concludes, “Without giving away too much, I can definitely say that one of the scenes I’m in is gory!” —Sean Decker

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