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Lucy Lawless likes her roles spicey

Source: IF Magazine

D’Anna Biers is a ruthless Cylon with religious aspirations and status among her people. Who else could bring this religious zealot to life other than the multi talented actress Lucy Lawless? Charming, intelligent, and of course beautiful, Lawless shared her insights with iF MAGAZINE into her new regular role on television and what lies beyond BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

iF MAGAZINE: Were you aware that the press version of the episode where Six got shot in the head, just had her disappear from the scene and never showed the shooting?

LUCY LAWLESS: Did they trick you? I think that was the one I saw too, and I thought, eh boring. But, I’m glad they put that in. That’s a nice continuing storyline for her character and mine. She hit me in the head with a rock and then Matt [Bennett] shoots her character in the head, and I think my character watches that and thinks hmmm fair enough. [Laughs] From then on, it’s “who’s zooming who man?”

iF: From the press kit, I’ve seen shots of you with baby Hera, is that a big storyline?

LAWLESS: Oh have they not shown that yet? The thing is we filmed a lot of that stuff really early and they carved it up differently so episodes will have two different directors working it. I can only assume that’s for really good reasons. An arc with the Galactica crew is much stronger when they hold it together and the Cylon arc is stronger when it’s held together rather than having bits and pieces in every single episode. Sometimes it’s for maximum interest and value. It’s highly unusual in television, but on this show what are rules? [Laughs]

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