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Interview with Luciana Carro part 3

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This is the third part of a three part Q&A with Luciana Carro, the actress who portrays Lt. Louanne 'Kat' Katraine in Battlestar Galactica. The questions come directly from Luciana's fans, they were sent to her and she kindly took time out of her schedule to answer them. The staff of Galactica BS would like to thank Luciana and her agent Adam Levine, without who's help this would not have happened.

15. In "Thirst", the fifth episode of "Smallville's" fifth season, your character Kayrin has some English lines, but also one line in Italian or Spanish. Unfortunately, none of the usually reliable transcribers got it. Would you please solve this mystery?
You know, I never saw that episode. I think basically I was calling her a drunken idiot in Italian.

16. I'm told the Al Pacino movies "Casino" and "Godfather" rank among your favorites. Is there a connection to your role on Pacino's "Two for the Money"? I mean, did you become an Al Pacino fan after that film or did you specifically ask your agent to search for a role in a production featuring Pacino?
There is no connection. It was sheer luck that I got to work with an actor whose work I admire so much. A dream come true. I have always been a huge Pacino fan and have loved every one of his movies.

17. When I read your interview in David Bassom's official companion to the second season of "Battlestar Galactica", I was surprised to learn that you auditioned with the help of your Xbox joystick. Funny story, btw!
Oh, the question. Right.
Well, would you please tell us what kind of games you play? Do you invite other people for gaming sessions?

Oh my gosh! That’s funny! I don’t play games. The reason I had a XBOX was because my DVD player had broken. I was pretty broke so a friend of mine lent me his XBOX so I could watch movies. Two weeks later I bought myself a new DVD player. Thanks Battlestar!!

18. Which do you find more satisfying, modeling or acting?
LOL. Oh you’re talking about the Dorinha photo shoot. I really wouldn’t call myself a model although modeling is a lot of fun. Actually Dorinha, the designer for Dorhina Jeans, is a very close friend of mine. I met her on the set of White Chicks. Her clothing line is really popular across Canada. They are pretty much all I wear! She asked me if Id be interested in doing some modeling for her. To answer your question acting is my passion.

19. How do you rank you Battlestar Galactica experience with your other projects? I know you have pushed away some other projects because of your commitment to BSG. How many episodes will you be in Season 3 and which one do you like the best so far?
Ya its true I have had to turn down a considerable amount of projects this year because they have conflicted with my BSG shooting schedule but I don’t regret it at all. I love the show I’m on. I love all the people that are associated with BSG.
I had to turn down something like 2 or 3 BSG episodes in season 2 because it conflicted with my Dr. Dolittle 3 shooting schedule. I was so heart broken. Than they offered me the Final Cut episode and when I read the script I told my agent “YOU GOTTA MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!” And she did. Dolittle gave me one day off. I shot all my scenes in Final Cut in one day. That day was pretty intense let me tell u! But it was worth it.

20. What was the most remarkable encounter with a fan of yours you had so far? I know you've been to VCON 30 together with two other great BSG ladies, Jen Halley and Leah Cairns. Can you tell us about this experience?

Ooooh yes VCON. That was my first convention. Actually it’s the only convention that I’ve been to. I was sooooo nervous! It was a great learning experience though. I had a lot of fun! Gave me a chance to meet and talk to the fans of the show. What’s really remarkable to me is the amount of Kat fans out there! This show has such a strong fan base. It’s amazing but not surprising.
Some of my fans create these really cool cartoons of my characters and these cool banners and websites. They blow my mind!
I’ve been receiving a ton of fan mail; I do read all of it.
I get stopped in the airport a lot. The custom and immigration officials are big fans. They always want autographed photos and spoilers! Now when I travel I make sure to bring some autographed pictures. It makes them happy.

21. Would you attend other conventions?
Yes I would love to. There is nothing that I would love more than to meet my fans in person.

22. I've seen you on "Everwood". What was it like to join a cast when every one else is pretty much occupied with wrapping up? What can you tell us about your time on the set?
I got hired on the show with the intention of being Ephram’s (Gregory Smith) new love interest. I was hoping the series would get picked up for another season but WB decided to go with 7th Heaven instead. We actually shot two different ending for the season finale. One if we got picked up for season 5 and another if we didn’t. Well unfortunately we didn’t get picked up so Ephram got back together with Amy. BOOO!! Working on Everwood was a great experience! I had so much fun. It was really refreshing for me to play a character like Stephanie. What I loved most about playing her was that she was a lovable character. She was cool and free of bullshit.

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