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Jamie Bamber focuses on Relationships pt 1

Source: IF Magazine

It’s been an interesting roller coaster ride for Jamie Bamber who plays the role of Lee “Apollo” Adama on SCI FI Channel’s hit series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. First he had to grasp and grapple with the familial relationship between his character and Edward James Olmos’ Admiral Adama, then came the on again off again love affair with Katee Sackhoff’s Starbuck character. Following that there has been a marriage, fat suit, and a lost command for Lee Adama, but Bamber takes all of these changes in stride and tells iF MAGAZINE how he looks forward to the more challenging things the series has given him to do over the years and in up coming episodes.

iF MAGAZINE: What have been the most interesting things they have thrown at you over three seasons?

JAMIE BAMBER: My character has always been about his relationships. I supposed the most interesting things have been the characters that he has had the relationships with; the arguments are similar and yet they keep being fresh and realistic and they cease to boor. A relationship between a father and son in real life tends to re-iterate itself constantly because all such relationships are formed during a childhood of some sort and your stuck in a repeating circle. The interesting thing for me is that the stakes don’t diminish and we don’t get bored with it. Every season there is something new to play with, especially with Starbuck and Adama, and this season has raised the bar. I was talking to Grace Park yesterday and she asked, “ How can you do the same thing every year? You almost get with this girl [Starbuck] and you almost get on with your dad and then you break up.” [Laughs] That’s kind of true and I find that informative about life. I think that’s very much how we are. I think it’s very hard for people to change and to move on in a relationship whether it’s with your dad or would-be mistress/lover/whatever she is.

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