Wednesday, December 20

Katee Sackhoff Live In Studio

Source: Cort and Fatboy

The third installment of the Starbuck Interview Trilogy, co-starring her brother Eric.

Sackhoff discusses some key Battlestar behind the scenes moments: Bamber Merkins, Olmos asking the cast to starve, and Katee lets fly a couple unintended spoilers—including what man haunts Gaeta’s sexual fantasies, What’s happening with Laura’s cancer, and whether or not Starbuck buys it at the end of this season.

Plus—fistfights with Kat, calls to mommy from Tyrol, Lesbian verbal assaults, the strange power of Road Rules/Real World, and an unfortunate running joke centering on the juggling of balls.

That’s Katee and her Brother Eric demonstrating said juggling techniques.

The interview seriously lasts almost exactly as long as an episode of Battlestar sans commercials, so if you need something to watch in the background, there you go.

WARNING: you’ll hear Cort talk about it at the beginning, but we’re not in our familiar studio and the computer we were recording to had a faulty sound-card, so there are some unavoidable audio artifacts in this. But if you’re a battlestar fan, it’s still better quality than the offical episode podcasts they’re giving you, so I hope this doesn’t put you off too much.

Listen now! (42:05min / 19.3MB)

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