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Battlestar Galactica: Torn Review

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Well, here I am watching the episodes live with the rest of you. And you know what? It feels good! Now I look forward to every week where there will be a new episode instead of lumping a bunch into one season. There's something to be said about pacing oneself.

Dear lord (lords?), what an opening. Does anyone get tired of seeing Number Six scantily clad, let along on a beach? Though it's about time that Baltar questions the vision of Number Six that plagues his thoughts, both in dreams and seemingly in reality.

I love that Baltar starts things out by doing exactly what Gaeta says he's good at: finding a way to self preserve. "Earth? What Earth?" "You're going to die." "Oh THAT Earth! Why didn't you say so?"

DAMN it was good to see (a thin!) Apollo and Starbuck back to old tricks, wasn't it? Chief and Callie back in the pit. A newly populated Galactica. By gods the writers for this show pulled off what many thought was a hell of a risky move at the conclusion of last season.

Is Baltar a Cylon because he can "project" himself into a different reality in his mind? Here's my theory -- somehow he's directly related to the one responsible for creating the skinjob Cylons, and that person molded the whole "projection" notion onto his own creation. I'm sure I have no idea what I'm talking about, but that's how it's feeling to me up to this point.

Another fantastic conversation in this episode was Baltar's questioning about the final five Cylon model's we've yet to see. Number Six says they "don't talk about them," so does this possibly mean they're rogue Cylons, ones who've gone about on their own and who are against the beliefs of those we already know?

I could definitely see Tigh being relieved of duty in the near future because he's got some big nasty ax to grind. Finally Adama does put him in his place, but will he listen?

Definitely an interesting look into how the other side lives ... and relives. Everything is so closely connected, including the Cylons with perhaps their own base stars. Everyone and everything is aware of everything else.

So, was the disease-causing device found on the Cylon base star an old satellite sent from old Earth? Voyage or Voyager II perhaps? And now we know that possibly Earth carries diseases that would mean the downfall of Cylons? If so, this is definitely an interesting development.

I'm sorry, but I liked Starbuck with the long hair. I mean, it's great to see yet another moment from the past make it into this season (like Saul's going back on the sauce, for instance), but I liked that change.

From what it looks like for next week, the humans board that derelict base star. What will they find from that strange artifact brought on board?

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