Monday, November 20

It Only Takes One

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Wow. Last week, Galactica's fearless leader was on the brink of destroying the entire Cylon race, because they struck first in the war and destroyed millions of humans. Tonight, we learned that the attacks msy not have been completely unprovoked. That actually blows my mind. Of course, Adama and his black-ops team aren't completely to blame for the Cylons' destruction; they were lying dormant for 40 years preparing a "war machine," and clearly they had it ready to roll out. I've got a feeling that it was only a matter of time before they did attack the humans. They were just waiting for the smallest frak up to pounce. Then again, the black ops' presence there did "show them we were the warmongers they figured us to be." And, of course, as Roslin mentioned, maybe the humans actually were trying to stir up some trouble. "I think you are being naive," she told Adama. "Did it ever occur to you that the Admiralty set you up to provoke a war that they wanted?" I think I could go back and forth on this issue all day. The only thing that is clear in my mind is that Adama is not solely responsible. But it is understandable that he feels more than a little guilty about his role in the whole thing.

It is so awesome that Roslin knows exactly how to handle the admiral. Making him stand up, give a speech and get a medal for his 45 years of service - "They give them out for anything these days: good behavior, attendance, playing well with others." - seemed like utter torture to him. But Roslin lets Bill get away with little these days: "Are you gonna tell me what really happened?" and her stern, "Sit down, Bill." Love her. Especially since she decided that the most appropriate place for a painting of former president Baltar was over the toilet.

Another person I am loving this season is D'Anna (Lucy Lawless). That Cylon is all over the place - from badass to sensitive and wanting to be loved. I, for one, was unprepared to see her in bed with Gaius and Caprica. Guess the Cylons are OK with the whole sharing thing. Her dreams seem to be indicating that she might be "boxed" soon, but I never trust this show to do what I expect it to. Anyway, I thought Lawless did a tremendous job as the sick D'anna who was holding Bulldog captive. She's really got quite a range on her. Consider me impressed.

Tigh was the other character who had me captivated tonight. The fact that he's been in his room drowning his sorrows and testing out his peripheral vision is so depressing. The image of him with the socket of an eye but no eyeball in it was just downright haunting. I was annoyed with him for telling Bulldog that Adama had shot down his ship before the Cylons could spot it, but the truth probably had to come out sometime. But Adama and Saul seemed to make amends toward the end of the episode, and I think that is a good thing. Adama doesn't want to see his friend waste away to nothing, and Saul keeps Adama in check.

Then there was Bulldog (Carl Lumbly), who mysteriously arrived on Galactica in a Cylon raider after three years with no contact. He claims that the Cylons are infected with a virus, and he took advantage of that. Which base ship was he on? Are we to take that to mean that this virus has spread beyond the single ship that the humans discovered? Are we to actually believe Bulldog's story? I know good old Starbuck was the first to be suspicious and noticed that the other Cylon raiders that were "chasing" Bulldog's ship weren't actually aiming at him. Does that mean they wanted him to get on Galactica, knowing he'd be pissed when he discovered what Adama had done and would then go and attack and perhaps kill the admiral? Or did the Cylons really make a deal with Bulldog that if he spread the rumor that the infection had spread, they'd let him go free? Otherwise, if he didn't have Cylon help, I'm still not sure how he would have even found Galactica, unless he got really lucky.

Random thing: Did anyone else catch Edward James Olmos actually saying the word bulls--t but having the word censored so that all you heard was attitude?

Phew. This show just keeps getting better and better every week.

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