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Interview with Katee Sackhoff

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On This Week’s Show: Interview with Katee Sackhoff

News Bytes:

* SciFi Studios has announced the release of a brand new bi-monthly genre magazine
* Sci-Fi to Sci-FACT: British scientists have applied for permission to create human-animal hybrid embryos by injecting human DNA into cow’s eggs for stem cell research. ANCESTOR, anyone?
* Xbox TV: Microsoft has announced that it will offer movies and TV shows on-demand via its Xbox Live Internet Service beginning November 22nd


* Clive Barker will write and produce a re-imagined Hellraiser. The original 1987’s flick featured some unforgettable characters including Frank and Julia Cotton, and the really creepy Pinhead.

Clive didn’t reveal exactly how this version would differ from his original creation of 20 years ago, but did promise to bring the film’s original concept up-to-date saying, “There are some areas of the first movie where I think we can be a lot more intense and a lot more scary…it will not be simply a reworking or reshooting of the first picture.”
* Matt Lanter will play the lead in WarGames 2. Lanter will portray a hacker named Will Farmer who begins to play an online terrorist-attack simulation game against a government super-computer christened Ripley. Word on the street is the plot thickens as Farmer begins to realize he is in way over his head and becomes a target of Ripley, a highly evolved computer designed specifically to ferret out potential terrorists and hunt them down.

Filming begins on November 20th for a release sometime in 2007.

Slice of Trivia: Doug provides the gang with another 3 film clips to identify. Well, it’s not the worst we’ve ever done.

TV Talk:
Tobin Bell (Saw) will be starring in the made-for-TV movie sequel to the 2004 scream-fest “Decoys.”

Appropriately titled “Decoys 2: Rebirth,” Bell portrays a college professor, who is teacher and mentor on a university campus where female aliens prey on hapless young horny human male students.

This week, Michael and Summer talk with “Battlestar Galactica”’s Katee Sackhoff (Kara “Starbuck” Thrace). She tells us about Starbuck’s recent trials, about acting in “White Noise 2″ with Nathan Fillion, and much much more.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?
Undeterred by the poor fan reception and the terrible reviews he recieved for ”BloodRayne,” Uwe Boll is at it again and will soon begin shooting the follow-up to this vampire legend with ”BloodRayne 2.” There are two other Boll films of note for the future that look fairly promising. One is titled “Postal,” based on the video game, and the other is “In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale.”

These latter two films are due out in 2007, while “BloodRayne 2” is not expected in theaters until sometime in 2008.

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