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Earthbound on the good ship Galactica: David eick part 2

Source: If Magazine

What happens to Hera, President Roslin and Admiral Adama. PLUS lots, lots more

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA moves into new territory this season exploring the interior of a Cylon Basestar and giving fans more of a look inside Cylon culture than they have ever had before. Creators David Eick and Ron Moore continue to guide this season into what is proving to be the most stirring and dramatic the series has ever been, and this is only the beginning of what lies ahead. iF MAGAZINE actually got a few minutes with Eick and picked his brain about what we can expect from the upcoming episodes.

IF MAGAZINE: Any other interesting guest stars you have coming onto the show this season?

DAVID EICK: No, not really. Our existing cast is so strong that, unless it’s a friend like Lucy Lawless or Dana Delany someone we have a personal relationship with on some level, it doesn’t make sense to chase that since we have such a strong cast.

iF: CAPRICA the prequel series … how is development going?

EICK: It’s definitely coming along creatively. Right now the network has a script and we are just waiting for an answer.

iF: If you get the green light how soon would you be in production?

EICK: That’s a question for the network. I wouldn’t know what their schedule is.

iF: Up to the current episodes you have firmly re-established Laura Roslin as the President of the Colonies … any new curveballs planned for her this season?

EICK: No, I think Mary McDonnell’s character actually settles into the role of President in the later half of season three. Her character has been in such a state of flux and despair and visions and drug inducements and near death and suborning mutiny; that it was time to bring the character into her own. It’s the role she needs to fulfill on the show, which is as President. Mary can do anything and unfortunately that can be a temptation. You know she can do anything so you start throwing curveballs at the character because you know she can handle anything you throw at her, and so for the sake of grounding the character and making the dynamic as realistic as possible we wanted to spend at least half of one season really demonstrating her role as a leader and someone who is involved in the search and eventual discovery of Earth. I think this season there is less melodrama in that character’s arc for the later half.

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