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Then Pick Up This Gun and Shoot Me

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BSG is great TV. I would say it's one of the best, if not THE BEST drama on TV right now. Heroes is my favorite NEW show of the season and I will always look forward to a new Lost. But BSG is such an amazing and solid show that it leaves me so fulfilled every week.

Halfway through the show I looked at the time and had seen we only had half a show to go, but strangely I felt that if the show would have ended right here, at the 30 min mark I'd still be happy and content with this episode. What BSG does that is so amazing is that it tells a serialized soap opera style drama, but each episode and story is almost semi contained. That it has a beginning a middle and an end.

Episode Recap

This week's episode was called Torn and we dealt with more direct aftereffects of the Cylon occupation of New Caprica and the ensuing rescue. We see Starbuck and Col. Tigh drinking themselves silly in the rec room and poisoning the Galactica crew against each other. They are making anyone who wasn't in the ground war on N.C. out to be the enemy and "not good enough" to be around. Adama goes down and basically tells them to shut up or leave. Adama tells Tigh that he should either shoot him or go back to his room and don't come out until the man i knew for 30 years can come back out. Tight tells him "Bill, then I won't be coming out because that man no longer exists", wow, how true, this war has finally put Tigh through his last emotional straw. What we see following this ultimatum is Tigh retreating back to his room and getting even more stinking drunk. On the other end we see Starbuck cuts her long hair, presumably a remainder to her days being stuck with Leobon. Then she suits up, and goes to meet with Casey and her Mom who had stopped by earlier only to be told to leave and not return by angry Starbuck.

Starbuck needed to hold Casey in her arms and work through the emotion of thinking that this little girl was her daughter. I hope that they continue to have a relationship and that this precious little girl helps starbuck find herself again and allow herself to love again. Wonderful contrast and I'm glad we have the old Starbuck back. I know she will still be scarred but I think she is a strong character and she will rebound quick.

On the Cylon basestar we see that the Cylons have decided they want to call Earth their home as well and they are giving Baltar a chance to live by helping them find Earth. At first he denies knowing what they are talking about but once they threaten him with death we see his will to always live and sruvve shine through, just as Geita had said, and he offers up everything he knows abotu Earth to the Cylons. It all goes back to a blinking star and a lions head (Leo constellation?) but when the Cylons base star that gets sent this to investigate comes back broken and sick they realize that an old Earth satellite (beakon?) which the Basestar brought aboard has given the cylons a virus which could potentially wipe the entire Cylon race off the map.

Some interesting questions were brought up this week.

Maybe Baltar really is a Cylon? What he does by seeing Six all the time is called Projection, something that only Cylons do.

Who sent that beacon/satellite from Earth? Maybe some Cylons already did visit Earth at some point and the humans there figured out how to to kill them and sent this virus into space in the hopes of preventing more Cylons to return one day.

Will Sharon (Athena) get sick now from being around that basestar?

When the humans realize that they have this virus they will of course have to decide how to use it. But could this be the perfect opportunity to force a peace between the Cylons and the humans? What if they humans tell the Cylons that they may be able to cure themselves through the blood of the hybrid baby? Would that even work? What will happen?

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