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Episode 3.7 - "Hero" Review

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You've got to love David Eick. Eick's the fellow that helped Ronald D. Moore reimagine the new Battlestar Galactica and he's also the day-to-day showrunner that supervises the production while Moore focuses on the writing side of the equation. Still, it seems that he still finds the time to write now and again, and with his latest effort, "Hero," shows that he's a talented force with words.

The latest predicament for the Adamanator runs like this: a MIA Colonial pilot captured by the Cylons from before the attack on the Twelve Colonies is picked up by Galactica. Before long, the real story of why Daniel "Bulldog" Novocek was taken prisoner by the toasters bubbles to the surface and we realize that the Colonial Forces and the squeaky-clean Admiral Adama may have had a hand in the build-up to the Cylon attack.

Showing us that Adama has his own sins of the past is a surprising move by the BSG team. Up until now, Adama has probably been the closest thing to being a textbook definition of a true hero in the Galactica universe (Helo may actually be the top dog in that department) but the specter of involvement in provoking a Cylon response during a time of peace, and the cost of throwing a friend and teammate to the wolves, has lowered him down a notch. The good thing is that Adama himself recognizes his faults and that's what goes towards making him the exceptional leader that he is. "It was a bad call," he tells Roslin shortly after Bulldog tells his story to the President, and it was, but he's not the commander that Admiral Cain was. The fate of humanity is still in good hands with Adama behind the wheel.

But this being BSG, it's never quite that easy. The momentum of "Hero"'s storyline drives the dynamic between Tigh and Adama further, and surprisingly it's the revelation that Adama too has his faults that leads to the start of reconciliation between the two old war horses. Michael Hogan has had some great opportunities to deliver the goods in the third season and here again he brings it. Tigh is such the bad ass now and I can't help but wonder if he can ever return to the XO job now... all I can see him doing is leading Marines into battle at this point, which is not a bad thing at all.

And did you catch the five glowing figures in D'anna's dream? Five figures, five remaining Cylon models left to be revealed. Hmm.

Good things: a flashback to another Battlestar; seeing where D'anna woke up and with whom; Starbuck and Apollo, fleetingly used but used appropriately for the purposes of this episode; Roslin's talk to Adama at the conclusion.

As Bulldog, Carl Lumbly brings a heavy sense of sadness to the part. It's hard to tell what the character will ultimately evolve into or if this guy could ever fit in amongst Galactica's Viper pilots. Actually, that would be pretty cool to have an older, seasoned pilot amongst the young bucks, and one that has pretty strong feelings about the Cylons. Wonder how Bulldog would react to being hooked up with Athena for a mission? I smell a future episode cookin'!

UGO Rating
Direction: B+
Writing: A-
Performances: A
Visual Appeal : B
Overall: B+

By Patrick Sauriol

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Weirdgrrl said...

I absolutely love BSG, but I had some issues with the storyline in this episode. Don't you think it's strange that the Cylons seemed to know exactly what Bulldog would do if they let him escape? It would have been more believable to me if he'd had some kind of chip implanted or had behavioral programming or something. And if Bulldog managed to find Galactica so easily, why don't the Cylons know where they are?

Having said all that, I think Carl Lumbly did an excellent job as Bulldog and I would like to see more of his character in future episodes.

Cara aka Weirdgrrl
Limes with Orange

P.S. I think your blog is great and I can't wait to explore it some more.