Saturday, November 18

Oh yeah... about that whole war thing

Source: Tuscaloosa News

Long lost black ops pilot, Bulldog, finds Galactica with two cylon raiders in hot pursuit, bringing up tough memories for Admiral Adama. Mainly, Adama remembers that he may very well have provoked the entire war that destroyed billions of humans. (No wonder he's been so serious since day one ).

While scouting beyond the armistice line prior to the initial cylon assault, Bulldog was spotted by cylons. Adama gave the order and shot Bulldog down to save the mission. The scenario's plausible and gives Adama a great scene where he confesses to Apollo and even sheds a tear. Adama manages to cry once a season, so this year's quota has been filled.

In fact, now that I think about it. Adama seems to cry an awful lot. Maybe it's the juxtaposition. You know, the grave authority figure sheds some tears showing the audience that events are, indeed, graver than expected. But I'm starting to think he's just a crier.

Hey, we all shed tears from time to time. Who didn't develop a little moisture when Brad Pitt begrudgingly cut out his own brother's heart with a giant hunting knife in Legends of the Fall? Or when Tom Hanks talked to a volley ball for two and a half hours in Castaway? (I know I still weep for the cost of that movie ).

At first I thought, a man who's been in the fleet for 45 years, surely understands why sacrifices like Bulldog are made and understands that if the cylons spent all of that time building a war machine, they were going to use it whether his mission was discovered or not. Then I realized Adama just wanted to cry again. I assume he had loaned out all of his Louisa May Alcott novels, and so, subconsciously, his brain overcompensated.

Bulldog was an interesting character. The actor didn't really seem to quite gel with what was written, but I think that was a result of brevity more than anything else. Honestly, this would have made a better two-parter than the virus episodes. Hopefully, they won't just throw away Bulldog, and we'll learn a more sinister reason for his release toward the end of the season.

Perhaps the most important function of the episode was the revelation of Tigh's eye patch. Oddly, it's flesh colored and decidedly filled with unpirateishness ... errr, non-piratesque? Okay, listen writers. For future reference, all crabby ship officers who lose eyes and are forced to murder their treasonous wives get black eye patches. (And perhaps a hook for a hand ).

The preview for next episode looked pretty interesting. Perhaps we'll finally see a bit more tension between Starbuck and Apollo. Looks like we'll get a lot of answers to ... who'd win in a fight... as well.

I just hope Admiral Adama doesn't fight. I really don't want to see him cry again.

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