Saturday, November 4

Divided We Fall

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I am so glad that Adama went down to the pilot's rec room and put his foot down. I thought for sure that the internal struggle, between the humans on New Caprica during the occupation and those who had stayed aboard with the flight crew, was going to go on for much longer. But Adama's no nonsense speech to both Starbuck and Tigh, who had been poisoning the crew was incredible. "One of you, I don't care who. Pick that weapon up and shoot me... I didn't say to talk. You've done enough of that already… what's the matter? No guts? You don't got a pair? You are both frakking cowards." To Kara specifically: "You were like a daughter to me once — no more. You a malcontent and a cancer. I don't want to have you on my ship. Figure out how to become a human being again and an officer or you can find another place to live off of this ship. You're dismissed." Harsh, but necessary. He wasn't much kinder to Tigh, "You are full of bile and hatred and I know that has something to do with Ellen and I'm sorry for that. If you need time Saul, you take all the time you need, but I've got to run a ship and the last thing I need is a one-eyed drunk sitting down here sewing seeds of discontent and disobedience." Phew.

Kara actually seemed to take his advice. Especially since the younger Adama had already ripped into her earlier. "If you want to die, I'll open up an airlock for you, but you are not taking one of my vipers with you." So she went and cut off her long locks that had grown during the occupation and actually went to see Kacee. I hope that somehow Adama's advice makes it so that Starbuck can get her life back on track. I understand that being tortured and captured by the Cylon's wasn't easy on her mentally but I want her back kicking Cylon butt and taking her anger out on the "people" who really deserve it, instead of the flight crew who wanted nothing more than to save those down on New Caprica.

Tigh on the other hand seems to be drinking himself to death. I can't imagine that is what Adama had in mind for his right-hand man, but if Tigh's imagining Ellen's voice in his head then he might be too far gone to help.

Every week I am more and more amazed by the depth of emotions that this show is able to convey. It is truly impressive and just one of the reasons that I enjoy it so much. Another big reason that I'm hooked: the twists and cliffhangers.

What is going to happen to Sharon, aka Athena? Was she exposed to the same virus that had killed all the other Cylons on that base ship? Or was she feeling somehow drawn to the base ship because she is still a Cylon? I so can't wait to find out, but I really like the concept of a Cylon being able to find love and work with the humans, that I hope that this isn't the end for her.

Then there is Gaius. Six hit the nail on the head when she said that he had an amazing capacity for self-preservation. He will do anything to stay alive, that alone should have made him realize that he isn't a Cylon. Most Cylon's understand that they'll be downloaded and reincarnated so dying is rarely an actual death. I did think it was cool that he was wondering if he was a Cylon and how Six actually laughed at the idea. I wonder what her reaction will be when she discovers that he strangled another Six, and lied to the Cylon council?

I do wonder a lot about the other five Cylon models who we've yet to see who the seven existing models "don't talk about." Have they been "boxed" or are they just cylons who haven't been activated yet? And if someone aboard Galactica is a Cylon and doesn't know it, who might it be?

And how cool was the hybrid? Her oracle like abilities were interesting, and really cleared up in my mind how the old-school cylon's became the human models we know now. There is a stepping stone in between them. Makes a lot of sense. Small details, like the pulsing red light on the base ship being an actual pulse, and the Cylon council using their hands to "work" the computers, really do a lot subtly to help my mind understand this far-out concept.

By the way, I'm all for the projecting, but was it really necessary to have the Six that lives in Baltar's mind wearing a bikini? Nevermind, that's a rhetorical question. I'm sure the guys out there were as happy about that as I was seeing a slimmed down Lee shirtless. This show really does have something for everyone.

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