Tuesday, November 28

Lucy Lawless Talks Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Lawless talks with iFMagazine about her role as the Cylon D'Ana on Battlestar Galactica, this season, which has expanded into a recurring guest role.

"You see the schism stating to happen," she says of the Cylons this season. "Basically, its individuation, where as before there was all a collective thought and consensus about everything they were doing. Its like the humans are the serpent in the garden and the mere contact with them has splintered the Cylon collective psyche and everyone is individual again, even within each model. They do not know how to handle individuality; it’s a great threat to their way of life and their programming."

Lawless says the role requires constant adaptation to a character doing some times contradictory things week to week.

"One week I’m in a ménage with Baltar [James Callis] and Six [Tricia Helfer] and next time I’m sucking his brains out with a turkey baster and then the next week its back to being pals. You really have to find a way to make that authentic."

The recent torture scene with Baltar presented the challenge of remaining in the moment while Baltar's inner dialogue with Six takes place at the same time.

"The difficulty was I had to pretend to not be hearing Six who was sitting right beside us carrying on a conversation with him. I was supposed to be completely unaware of this sort of cyber sex relationship, and yet I could hear her and it was a little annoying."

Read the full article, which includes Lawless's discussion of a humorous moment on set with a naked James Callas (Baltar).

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