Monday, November 6

Sackhoff Screams In Noise 2

Source: SciFi Wire

Katee Sackhoff (SCI FI Channel's Battlestar Galactica) told SCI FI Wire that she signed on for the upcoming supernatural horror film White Noise 2: The Light because it presented a chance to play a character as far removed from her day job as ace fighter pilot Starbuck as possible. In the film, Sackhoff plays a nurse named Sherry, whose life is saved by a man (Serenity's Nathan Fillion), who, having cheated death himself after his family is murdered, helps those about to die.

"I don't think she is anything like Starbuck, and people are going to see a different side of me," Sackhoff said in an interview, laughing as she described her character as close to a damsel in distress. "We were shooting this scene in a parking garage, where Nathan's character, Abe, saves me. I was getting attacked by a mugger, basically, and I'm getting pulled into this van. And I was like, 'This is so weird to me. If this was Battlestar Galactica, I would just drop-kick him. I'm having a really hard time doing the whole damsel-in-distress, screaming thing.' But, obviously, I figured it out, because, by the end, I couldn't talk. My voice was gone. So I figured out that screaming thing."

White Noise 2 is the sequel to the 2005 original, about a man who begins to hear and see images of the dead in the static of electronic devices. The sequel is "a great story," Sackhoff said. "It's all about death's design and when it's your time to go and what you have to do rectify the situation when you get saved. It's very interesting. I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard great things about it, and I'm just really, really excited to see it. I can say that if it's as good as it was when I did the [dialogue looping] for it, it's going to be pretty good." White Noise 2: The Light will be released in early 2007. —Ian Spelling

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