Tuesday, June 13

Glitz and prestige

Source: Variety

NEW YORK -- Host Jon StewartJon Stewart brought some levity to the presentation of the usually erudite Peabody Awards in Gotham on June 5.

"This is why I love the Peabodys," he said, "I'm not a comic; I'm a 'satirist.'"

He urged honorees to continue telling "uncomfortable truths about the world so you can receive an award your family and friends will be vaguely familiar with."

Stewart dubbed the event "The Peabodys: Katrina Edition" for the dominance of hurricane-related honorees, including NBC News, CNN and Biloxi, Miss.' WLOX-TV.

But Hollywood also had a significant presence, and the honorees seemed tickled that their dramatic work was deemed important enough to coexist with news and docs. "I'm totally blown away; this is the most prestigious event I've ever been to," said Edward James Olmos, who was honored as part of the cast of "Battlestar Galactica."

Also honored were "South Park's" Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Martin Scorsese for "No Direction Home: Bob Dylan," FX skeinskein "The Shield," Fox's "House" and David E. Kelley's "Boston Legal."


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