Tuesday, June 6

Holy Frak BSG at MT&R

Source: MT&R
Some of the cast and crew of Battlestar Galactica joined forces at a special Museum of Television and Radio event in NYC at the weekend. You can view the webcast of their session with TV Guide critic Matt Roush over at MT&R. There is a brief Q&A and trivia session and the discussion contains some spoilers for Season 3. David Eick and Ron Moore also briefly discuss their future plans for the Galactica spinoff series 'Caprica'.

“And it’s all the corporations involved in struggling how to find the best way for this artificial intelligence to realize itself,” says Eick. “And so you have a lot of conflict between the corporate barons and the scientists and the dreamers, who are all looking upon this thing really as a great breakthrough. There was a great piece in the LA Times yesterday about nanotechnology, and how terrifying it really is because we known so little about it and we’re already starting to use it. And so it sort of follows that principle of stumbling upon some technological advance, some epiphany that you start putting to use even before you quite understand what it is or what it might do.”

The producers also mention that Remi Aubuchon, who is writing the pilot for Caprica, has promised to submit his script to them in about two weeks.

Click the link to watch the webcast.

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Kelvin said...

Hello from a krazy monkey down under in New Zealand. I was swinging through the blog world when your blog popped up so I thought I would have a look. You have a great blog, but to be honest with you, I have never heard of Battlestar Galactica before. I must of been locked up in my cage or on another planet !!!