Wednesday, June 21

Katee Sackhoff on Subject to Discussion

Last night Katee Sackhoff made a surprise appearance on Shaunomac's show 'Subject to Discussion' Katee called in at the top of the hour just as Shaun was starting his segment on Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who.

They discussed quite a wide range of subjects including: the new addition in her life, her movies and on her career in general. Katee was not very forthcoming about season 3 of BSG although still managed to get alot out in the 23 minute interview.

Shaun also talked to Koenigrules and his well thought out reasons why Doctor Who is slightly better than BSG.

To catch up, head to the podcast either by grabbing the url for your IPOD Here

To listen to the show on your PC try Here

For the edited down version containing only the Katee Sackhoff Segment visit the audio page of Galactica Station

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