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Ron Moore on Caprica; Galactica, Season 3; Baltar

Source: SFX

Executive Producer Ron Moore talks in the latest issue of SFX Magazine about Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica and the premise of the proposed spin-off series, Caprica:

"It’s a different kind of show. More of a drama. It’s corporate intrigue and interfamily politics...there are rival companies that are trying to develop the same technology. The government plays a role in trying to sort of get certain military aspects of the technology in place. It’s all coloured by the fact that we know none of this is going to come to a good end. This is a doomsday scenario that we know is leading to something really, really bad, that you’re watching unfold before your eyes."

"...the interesting thing is that in this stage in Caprican history, they’re more advanced than the people we see on Galactica, because part of the mythos of the show is that it was a result of the Cylon War that made the [citizens of the Colonies] take a large step back from the technology they had developed. So [despite the fact that the show takes place 50 years before Battlestar Galactica], the society in Caprica will look more modern that Galactica’s."

"[The show] will take place in a SF Universe where space travel is quite common and where the technology is such that houses clean themselves. It’s a futuristic society on the verge of a major breakthrough in artificial's not an action-adventure show and it wasn’t set up to become one. We’re dedicated to making it a character drama."

As for Season 3 of Galactica and the citizens of New Caprica (now under Cylon control), "some are forming a resistance, others are collaborating and both of these choices will have reverberations throughout the entire season. People are going to have to live with the choices they made."

There will be no fun for the President in Season 3, "Baltar [is] co-operating and trying to help the Cylons while trying to walk a line at the same time. He knows he’s becoming a very hated figure by the people of New Caprica, but at the same time he’s trying to do what he thinks is in their best interest."

And there will be an on going comeuppance for Baltar, given all his dealings with Six, "that will happen in different ways. He’s not going to have a good time of things."

Read more from Ron in the July 2006 issue of SFX Magazine.

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