Tuesday, June 27

Variety mentions BSG emmy hopes

Source: Variety

I've noticed over the past week or so that there appears to more and more people trying to get Battlstar Galactica noninated and be recognised at the Emmy's. But we generally all know that Sci-Fi doesnt even get a sniff in allbeit for FX.

Bonnie Hammer knows that "Battlestar Galactica" is alien to most Emmy voters.

The critically acclaimed skeinskein isn't one that fits in the kudofest's universe: It's set in space. On the Sci Fi Channel. With a largely unknown cast.

Three strikes? Not according to the president of USA Network and Sci Fi, who believes the show deserves an Emmy nom for drama so much that she's putting her money where her mouth is. Hammer's team is spending what insiders peg to be more than $1 million on the Emmy campaign behind "Galactica" -- hefty coincoin for a basic-cable net.

She's not alone, either.

"Battlestar" is just one of several players from basic cable joining the race for TV's top series kudos. Waging equally pricey drama campaigns are TNT for "The Closer," FX for "The Shield" and four other one-hours, and USA for "Monk" and "The 4400."

Lets keep our fingers crossed for the cast and crew, that this time the influence from people in the entertainment industry has enough clout to make the nominators listen.

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