Thursday, June 22

Season 1 airing on Free to view in UK tonight

At last Battlestar Galactica's First season is to be aired on a free Channel in the UK.

According to the Radio Times Sky Three are to Air episodes "33" and "Water" on Thursday 22nd June starting at 9pm. Sky Three can be viewed if you have the free Satellite package, via cable or receive your TV through a freeview box.


Science fiction doesn't just predict the future: it can also hold up a mirror to the present, and there are echoes of the world around us throughout this dazzling wagon-trains-in-space opera. Sky Three has missed a trick in not preceding the series with the explanatory pilot, but you'll soon pick things up. In a nutshell, mankind in another corner of the universe is trying to escape the machines that turned against them and laid waste to their 12 home worlds. But the Cylons seem hell-bent on total extermination. It's all filmed in an edgy, reportage style - effects included - that thrusts you right into the action. Tremendous.

RT Reviewer-Mark Braxton

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