Tuesday, June 6

Season 2.5 Is Coming Out This September!

Source: Tv Shows on DVD

One would never have guessed that news on Galactica's Season 2.5 boxed set would come out on 6-6-06- of all dates! But unofficially, tvshowsondvd reports that Season 2.5 will indeed be released in September, the 19th to be precise, and that it will contain the remaining 10 episodes of that respective season (#11-20) as well as the long-awaited, extended version of "Pegasus". This is indeed good news for fans who purchased Season 2.0. Now they have an opportunity to complete their set.
Included alongside this article is the proposed artwork for the Season 2.5 set that was included as a flyer in the Galactica Season 2 soundtrack (which was just released).

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