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Q&A with Site Actual CylonGod

Galactica Station and her forum Ragnar Anchorage have gone from strength over the last 2 years with now 2000 + members on Ragnar Anchorage our community keeps on growing. This would not be possible without our Guests , members and site visitors.There have been two people who co-run both Galactica Station and the Forum RA. You could call them the A-Team but with far better hair and sense of humors. One of Which CylonGod has taken the time out to answer a few questions on all things Galactican.

What was for you the best moment of the second season?

The arrival of the Pegasus. I loved the sight of the Beast for the first time.

Some fans have criticized the one year jump that the show took in the last episode of the Second season, was it a mistake or was it a stroke of genius?

Not sure about either but I don't mind it. It depends a lot on how the next season continues it for me to know whether it was a mistake or not. As it stands on it's own I like it.

Which BSG character do you relate to (if any)?

Not sure but it is probably a Cylon.

Which Character do you feel has had the biggest transformation from the mini series right through to LDYB PT2?

There are so many that fit this. I would have to say Roslin though. From a no nothing School teacher to hardened president in a few months to school teacher again.

What is your favorite BSG episode so far?


Why is it your favorite?

Lot's of action a lot with suspense and a season ending cliff hanger. It's pretty hard top all that and especially the ending of it?

The Show has pushed the boundaries for SFX, what would you say is the best SFX sequence in the show?

My personal favorite would be the Galactica and Pegasus taking it to the Basestars in Res-ship.

What would you say is BSG biggest strength as a show and what do you think has contributed to its success?

The realistic way of it's character's lives and how events affect them. It makes you care about these people to an extent and thus helps because you want to know what happens to them.

What other Cult TV shows do you think compares with Galactica in terms of dark grittiness or storyline?

Well there's not much. Lost does a little bit I guess. Not much else comes to mind but then again I don't watch a lot of shows.
What do you think of the Music of the Show?
I think it's great. Most of the cores fit the scenes well and I enjoy it. Bear does a great job with it.

Which BSG sound tracks do you like the most?

I like most of Bear's work and don't have a particular favorite. There are only one or two tracks I don't care for.

What would you like to most see happen in series 3?

Don't know if it will happen but I would like to see the arrival of other Colonial military ships but not necessary another Battlesatar.

Will the Colonials ever reach Earth?

I think so but what they find when they get there will be the bigger question.

How do you feel the Third Season should shape up?

I think it should and probably will turn out good. I have faith in RDM's ability to tell a good story.

Do you think of the Subsidiary Characters in the show getting a raw deal over the main characters?

Some of them seem to have really good potential. Not at all. For most of these folks this is a big chance for their careers and BSG is the only show that comes to my mind in where subsidiary characters get good quality screen time.

Do you feel BSG has paved the way for a new generation of sci fi shows?

I think so. It's definitely not another Trek. Don't get me wrong I am a Trek fan but this show takes a space opera to a whole other level.

What is the strongest facet of the Show in your opinion?

The Cylons!

Thanks CG , there may be more Moderator Interviews , and who knows you may find yourself in the hotseat.

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