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The Circle of Death

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Oh. My. Gods. Those were the words that came out of my mouth as I saw the little two second preview (in the opening credits – more on that topic later) of Laura Roslin leaning in to kiss (Yes, Kiss!) Gaius Baltar. I sat jaw agape and at the end of another mind-blowing episode am still sitting here with my mouth wide open in utter amazement.

Thank those same gods for letting that unholy union of all that is good and all that is evil and selfish in this world just be a fantasy on the part of the most selfish human being left in the universe. That said, there are only slightly over 40 thousand humans left on the planet and the Cylons have decided to spare this one, and even give him fresh clothing. This wimpy bit of flesh must have some value in this world. His silly babbling at Number Six in order to get her to spare his life (this after he'd been pleading for death on New Caprica) was just plain pathetic. "You need me…. And I need you too. Maybe I should have started with that." Um, yeah. He's completely clueless about how to treat a woman or machine or really whatever she is. The best part of his confinement aboard the Cylon base ship (aside from that disturbingly eerie pulsing red light which I sort of hope will drive him even madder) was hearing the way that D'Anna said the word "controversy." I love a Cylon with an accent!

But while I've grown accustomed to think of the Cylons as bad and the humans as good, it is becoming more and more evident that on this show there are many shades of gray. That line blurred a lot tonight with the creation of "The Circle" by the acting President Tom Zarek. Baltar may be easily manipulated and completely unfit for the office, but it is nearly as dangerous to have someone as opinionated and uncontrollable in such a position of power. Judging people based on their acts of survival, which may have cost human's lives is a touchy and sensitive subject indeed. It's fairly clear that there isn't a "right" answer, but tossing people out the airlock without a proper trial isn't necessarily the humane way to go. Watching Jammer beg for his life through the soundproof glass, knowing that he had indeed tried to help Callie at the very least, was almost as difficult to watch as Ellen's poisoning last week. Those who watched the webisodes know that Jammer was in an emotional state when he began working for the Cylons. It is hard to know what many people would have done in a similar situation. I thought the new/old president Laura's decision, while it will ruffle many feathers, was somewhat sensible. I just can't help but wonder if she'll keep her promise to name Zarek as her second-in-command. Sometimes it is best to keep those troublesome sorts close. At least that's what Adama does with Tigh. He's able to keep a watchful eye on him when he gets too far out of line.

Speaking of Adama, he had the best line of the night hands down. Apollo slyly tried to slip in the fact he taking his dad's advice and exercising into their conversation, "I have a date with a jump rope." [Adama's deadpan patented deadpan stare.] "Hey, I dropped half a stone." Adama's response? "Keep jumping." I (and probably the makeup department) will be glad to have "normal" Apollo back. He was the reason that I started watching this show in the first place.

That said, the reasons for sticking around are many, but chief among them was my adoration of Kara Thrace. The easygoing trigger happy gal of the earlier seasons, who would have fit in well in the Wild West, is gone. Now my favorite little space cowgirl is filled with complex emotions and Katee Sackhoff has taken her to a completely new level. She's understandably angry and mad about being held captive and manipulated by the Cylons into thinking that she had a daughter. But she's also having a hard time accepting the fact that she's back on the ship and she has no one to take her anger out on, hence her screaming at Gaita to beg for his life. Her instant change from wanting to claw Sam's eyes out to kissing him, surely doesn't bode well for their continuing couplehood, but I think if he gives her time and space… a lot of space, she'll eventually come around.

I mentioned before the preview of the lip-lock in the opening credits, which brought my to my random question of the day: What do you think of the fact that there is a sequence before each episode that shows clips of each episode? Do you view it as a spoiler, or something to whet your appetite for the coming hour? I'm still on the fence. I used to hate them but now they've grown on me. I'd love to read what you think.

Now that I've shared my thoughts, I'm going to go back and watch that dream sequence again. I really am still having a hard time processing that one.

by Angel Cohn

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