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Q&A: Katee Sackhoff

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WHEN THE NEW "Battlestar Galactica" went into TV orbit in 2003, purists were dismayed that Starbuck, the womanizing fighter pilot played by Dirk Benedict in the '70s original, had become a girl. But as Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Katee Sackhoff has silenced doubters — and kicked some serious robot butt. Season 3 of her show begins tonight at 9 p.m. on the SciFi Channel.

» EXPRESS: Has "Battlestar" finally made sci fi cool?
» Katee Sackhoff: I don't think it's ever going to be completely accepted. It's always been a weird genre. But it's nice that "Battlestar" remains a little secret. It's nice to feel that our viewership is manageable. I wouldn't want it to become too mainstream.

» EXP: You've become a tough-girl icon with this role. Who inspired you?
» KS: Well, I never met a woman who beat up a man or met a woman in a profession like Starbuck's. So I based this character on my brother. He's brilliant — he works building houses, he builds cars and blows glass. He's a creative tough guy.

» EXP: In Season 3, we get to see a gentler, long-haired Starbuck. Do the locks stay on?
» KS: Nobody was more excited than me to have Kara with longer hair! It's a way to show she's let the military go. She's allowed herself to be happy. This character, I keep telling everyone, is not kicking herself down. The world and people she knows keep kicking her back. It's a horrible thing. I feel bad for her.

» EXP: You play a soldier, so you have to wear work clothes on "Galactica," while the women portraying the robots [Cylons] wear heels and cocktail frocks. Do you mind?
» KS: I look at them walking around in their stilettos, and I thank God I'm not a Cylon. But I try to make Kara's uniform different — I wear shorts with military boots and different clothes I've stolen from men.

» EXP: What do you wear in real life?
» KS: I like to dress up. When I leave my house, it's in a dress or really short jean-shorts — the kind that, if you bend over, your grandmother would be embarrassed.

» EXP: Any fashion obsessions?
» KS: I own so many pairs of shoes that it's ridiculous, all of them high heels. I just bought the most beautiful pair of gold Gucci stilettos.

» EXP: What do you wear on the red carpet?
» KS: I don't really like the red carpet. It's a side of this business that I get very nervous with. I'm comfortable behind the camera, but the red carpet is scary. But I have one cut of dress I wear, a kind that ties around the waist and is cut really low, that works on me.

» EXP: Starbuck is such a buff character. How do you stay in shape?
» KS: I run four miles a day, and on the weekends I keep running until it hurts — about 12 miles.

» EXP: You own a house in Washington state near the "BG" set in British Columbia. How'd you decorate?
» KS: I went with a lot of neutral — dark wood, big cushy sofas and an antique door converted into a table. When I get home, I don't want to see anything but a view of the ocean and a glass of wine.

» EXP: What kind of wine is in that glass?
» KS: I love white wines like pinot grigio, but I'm learning my reds. They're daunting.

» EXP: How's it different from what Starbuck slurps?
» KS: Starbuck pretty much drinks anything if it's liquor.

» EXP: You also own a house in LA. Is it different from the Washington State place?
» KS: My house in LA is very extreme. My master bedroom is a chocolaty-purple color, it looks black! And my guest bedroom is blood red. My Peabody is on the mantel there.

» EXP: Any prize possession at either spread?

» KS: My dogs. I have one, Meatball, who is 14. He's part pug and part Chihuahua. He's the cutest thing. I've also got Nelly, who's a 7-month-old pug. She runs the entire house.

» EXP: Do you whip up anything good in the kitchen?
» KS: I bake really well — peach dumplings, cheesecake and lots of cookies. I bake, like, 100 cookies, and bring them to the border guards when I cross into Canada for work.

» EXP: What do you drive on your cross-border commute?
» KS: A Mercedes with crazy rims and tinted windows, and I'm buying a motorcycle. If I'm going to be stereotyped as a sci-fi actress, I'd like to have "rides motorcycle" on my resume.

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