Tuesday, October 3

Find a frak party for Battlestar Galactica premiere

Source: TV Squad

Do your friends look at you with disgust when you mention your excitement over the upcoming season premiere of Battlestar Galactica? Frak them! Go find some friends who understand that it's an awesome show.

Check out this website to find a Frak Party near you for Friday's premiere. You just type in your zip code and it comes up with a party near your location. If it can't find one, you can volunteer to host. Right now it looks like there's a random smattering of Frak Parties across the United States, Canada and even one in London.

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Casey McKinnon said...

This is an ingenious idea... it's a shame I have to spend the night of the premiere eating turkey with my boyfriend's family for Canadian Thanksgiving! I'll have to record it and watch it after I'm stuffed with stuffing...