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TV Recap: Battlestar Galactica - Exodus Part 1

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Last night's episode of 'Battlestar Galactica' starts the great exodus from New Caprica via a rescue mission put in motion last week. OK, now we're really getting into things and so far BSG is delivering exponentially each episode. The hour begins by showing the human prisoners being carted off to a firing squad, a scene reminiscent of the best of escape stories and obviously metaphoric for how the rest of the rescue may go. Let's get on to recapping the best hour of TV this last week.

At first it seems like scenes from last week are being rehashed, but it quickly becomes evident we're getting more info for the Marine/Resistance meeting and the firing squad. Chief finds out that Callie is on the list of humans to be executed and Col Tigh verbally smacks him around, getting Chief cognizant of what he needs to do. So he takes a team out to the destination for Callie's transport, and comes upon a Cylon firing squad. Callie is running away, having been freed, and Chief gives the order to fire except Callie is in the way. So he tells his people to count to five and fire, at which point he runs out and tackles Callie just in time. We already knew that Roslin wasn't killed in the firing squad, but what a great way to do it.

Is it just me or do the Cylons really think they're the good guys? When Brother Cavil talks about how it was to die a Doral says, "What a noble race you are," to Baltar. Maybe all that crazy dreaming is getting to the Cylons, because I do believe they are the occupying force. Speaking of dreams, I love the new Oracle. Her half-sane, mostly crazy, attitude to Cylon D'Anna is a refreshing improvement over season one's earnestly faithful Oracle. D'Anna's dream of holding the actually-not dead child of Sharon and Helo doesn't bode well for Adama's plans. Sharon Agethon has become a friend to Adama, and when told her child is still alive says, "Adama wouldn't lie to me." I wonder why she would think that, because at the time she was the enemy and of course the humans would lie. The child is too important to take the chance. Sharon told Adama that he had to forgive himself, but can he for keeping such a secret? What about Sharon, is she able to forgive or will her conscious wrath be far greater than the subconscious programming when the truth is revealed?

President Baltar is having a horrible time. His plight is one of his own doing, but it's hard to blame him. The betrayal of the human race last season echoes his initial one; too bad this time it's out in the open. Under the pressure of being reviled by mankind and coerced into despicable acts by the Cylons, Baltar is breaking down. I'm sure that has some effect on his obviously lax lovemaking abilities as of late. Is Baltar smart enough to convince Adama to let him back on Galactica, and if so is he ready to be tried as a war criminal? Next week will reveal his fate, but I can't help but root for Baltar's escape. As long as he's not in the same Raptor with Col Tigh, he just may make it.

Father and son Adama have never had a better moment than the one last night, as Apollo gets ready to leave with the fleet to wait for his father. Lee reaching for his dad, and the Admiral's faltering stoicism was a touching and true moment.

Oh Ellen. Tsk tsk tsk. When the Resistance finds the stolen map on a dead skin job, Anders immediately realizes she betrayed them and her husband. Watch closely the scene in which they tell Col Tigh and he stares at his wife. His eye conveys more emotion and thought than could ever be spoken; it's absolutely fantastic to watch. On the other side of relationships, the new Roslin and Zarek dynamic is great. When Roslin apologizes for trying to steal the election, he looks at her and says he wished she had. Looks like something is happening there, and I'm loving it.

Nothing much happened in terms of the rescue, instead we're set up via metaphor on what to expect as the plan goes into full effect. Kara tells her daughter that sometimes grownups do stupid things, and that is evident throughout the episode; Ellen betraying her husband, Adama not revealing the truth to Sharon about her child, Baltar cowing to the will of the Cylons. Some of the stupid decisions made by mankind are going to have enormous repercussions. We're all anticipating the return to Galactica, but what price will everyone have to pay for admittance?

So what did you think of the episode? Who's going to make it off the planet alive? What's to become of Ellen Tigh? Will Lee join in the fight, or will he spend the next eighteen hours doing some cardio?

By Steve West

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