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Exclusive Interview: Brad Thompson & David Weddle

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We are just days away from the premiere of season 3 of Battlestar Galactica, the only truly superb TV show in the SciFi Channel’s history. If you’ve read me gushing about Battlestar before you’ll know that I think this series is, in many ways, just about as good as TV gets. A lot of the credit has to go to the show’s writing staff, which keeps throwing shocks and surprises at the audience and tons of bad luck and misery at our beloved characters. Led by showrunner Ron Moore (who I interviewed here), the writing staff examines real world issues through Galactica’s science fiction lens, and they often have me rooting for my favorite characters to do things that would have me enraged if the real world government did them. Actually, I’m already enraged. And the government tends to do these things in real life. Nevermind.

Season 3 of Galactica picks up months after the season 2 finale, when the ragtag fleet finally, after almost a year in space, found an inhabitable planet. After a couple of months on the surface, though, something very bad happened – the Cylons showed up and conquered them. The season premiere will reveal that some characters formed a resistance to fight the Cylons, while others cooperated. Over the past few weeks has been running The Resistance, an unprecedented web series set between seasons 2 and 3 that fill in some of the gaps. There are two episodes left, which go up Tuesday and Thursday of this week, followed on Friday at 9 by the two hour premiere. (click here to watch The Resistance)

The men behind Battlestar Galactica: Resistance are Bradley Thompson and David Weddle. They have also written some of my favorite episodes of Galactica, including Downloaded (which showed us life with the Cylons on old Caprica) and Flight of the Phoenix (where Chief Tyrol builds a new – and very cool – Viper from scratch). Bradley and David got on the phone with me last week from the Galactica writers room to talk about Resistance and what they’re working on for season 3.

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