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TV Squad: Exodus, Part Two

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Because I saw these first five episodes on DVD, I wasn't subject to spoilers of what was to come in the next episode. I really do feel for everyone who sat and watched the preview for this week, only to be disappointed to learn that Pegasus comes to the rescue. While, really, this was something that seemed pretty inevitable anyway, it was still a bummer to have it told to you ahead of time. And even then, the preview was referring to the decoy. But who the hell is it that decides what's good to show for a preview every week?

Is anyone a bit weirded out at seeing Lee and Dualla as husband and wife? It just seems odd. Her personality just doesn't seem to fit with Lee's, and vice versa. God I yearn for the old days when Apollo was heading fleets of fighters against fleets of Raiders. But this Apollo? Hard to imagine.

The scene with Saul and Ellen was heartbreaking. The fact that she thought everything would be OK, that what she did would be so easily overlooked in the scheme of things, because love between two people is more important than the lives of the many. I was actually surprised to not see more people guessing at Ellen's death in the comments from last week, especially with Saul's hardened attitude (he does look like an old salt now, doesn't he?) and the pressure put on him from the rest of the men.

The conversation between Baltar and Number Three brought up an interesting point -- will the battle between Cylon and Human ever really end? It seems the only outcome that would be satisfactory to both parties is either utter destruction of the opposing group or complete control of it. But I think what's meant to happen in this series is an eventual united group, possibly against a common enemy. Gosh, imagine if they have to unite to fight ... Earth? Hey, it could happen.

How incredibly cool was it to see Galactica jump into the atmosphere of New Caprica? The size of that beast plunging through the air must have struck fear into the batteries of the Cylons.

For those who doubted Starbuck's feelings for Kacey, I think her reaction when she's rescued were pretty definitive of how she really felt. Then, when Kacey finds her real mother, you can still see the disappointment in Starbuck's eyes. All the whole thing really did was make her hate the Cylons with even more rage than before, if that were possible.

Speaking of Kacey's mom, the Leoben Cylon did say that they used a human to bring Kacey to term (even though she's somehow many years older than she should be), so could this simply mean that this is the woman who did that, and Starbuck really is the genetic mother of the girl? Probably not.

Gaeta stepped up to the plate, though Baltar throws him for a loop -- does he decide to believe there's a nuke in the facility or just kill him and feel all warm and fuzzy about it? Well he wouldn't be Gaeta if he'd have shot him, would he?

Pegasus, oh Pegasus, we hardly knew ye. As sad as it was to see her go, she went out in the best way possible, wouldn't you say? The battle sequence here was of perfect length I think. Any longer and it'd be overdrawn. I would have accompanied this post with that awesome shot of the Pegasus scrap flying though space to hit the Base Star, but the backlash from the spoiler police would've been brutal.

You have to wonder now what's to become of Hera, the hybrid baby. Will the writers of the show decide to jump us ahead many years again, where Hera is ruling over the Cylons or a whole new race of beings? I really hope we don't keep jumping ahead, to be honest. But hey, it really did work this time around, so anything's possible.

Random thought: Does Adama grow a moustache and not shave it until a crucial mission is over, like hockey players do not shaving their beards in case it jinxes their winning streak?

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