Wednesday, October 4

In Praise of "Battlestar Galactica"

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Have you been in this situation? You are talking with a group of friends, discussing the fall TV premieres. You discuss 'Heroes' and 'Studio 60', 'Supernatural' and 'Survivor'. Your buddies then start discussing 'House' and 'CSI' and that's when you bring out the hammer.

'Sure, those shows are good. But, they're not *Battlestar Galactica* good'

And, those friends go...'Huh?'

I have found an eloquent statement of outlining the reasons why Battlestar Galactica is indeed the best show on television. Blogger Kati Irons has stated the case quite well in this post. She deals with the stigma of Sci-Fi and how many viewers automatically ignore this type of programming. Kati also does a great job of relating the plot of 'Battlestar Galactica' to real world concerns. She sums up her argument like this:

"...There are times when a television program rises above the confines of its setting. It becomes more than a show about a rundown Boston hospital, or a family run funeral parlor, or a sleepy Alaska town, or a mob family or even a ragtag group of survivors in, yes, spaceships. It is entertaining, but it is also something special. We are more interesting people, at least for the hour we watch the show."

I can't say anything better than that.

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