Friday, October 20

Review: Exodus pt 2

Source: IF Magazine

Last episode ended with yet another cliffhanger, but a slightly more manageable one. This episode kicks off with a bang, and deals with so many things that it’s incredible they fit it all into one hour.

Exodus Part 2 is just what it sounds like, the departure from New Caprica by the Colonials who were left behind on the planet’s surface. Again, so many things happen that I don’t want to spoil so this is going to be a really tough review to write.

Let’s start with the Galactica coming into save everyone. This is the HUGE space battle we’ve all been waiting for ladies and gents. Ships, ground troops, it’s an epic scale and there are AWESOME fighter launches (in a unique style) and huge explosions. This is the best we’ve seen so far on this show. Battlestars vs. Basestars ‘nuff said’.

Baltar and D’Ana Biers’ plots cross and unite in an unexpected way by the end of the episode. Look for this to grow into something that we haven’t seen on the series to this point, and it’s super cool that Lucy Lawless gets an even bigger part to play in the grand scheme of things.

The Adama family will come out of this episode a little more stable than they were before. Look for some more shake-ups between Apollo and Admiral Adama, but things are looking up.

Starbuck’s child plot takes some more twists and turns, and again fans will either love or hate the direction it goes for its conclusion. The biggest question after this episode in regards to Starbuck is where does she go from here?

Not everyone makes it off of New Caprica. Look for some main players to not survive the conflict when the dust settles. Also, expect the number of humans looking for a home at the beginning of the next episode’s credits to be drastically reduced.

I will leave with my personal favorite moment of the episode. Laura Roslin when asked to go with people who are fleeing the planet on an escaping ship replies, “My ship is over there.” I actually cheered out loud at that point seeing Roslin back in her old powerful role!

This series just keeps surprising me with how exceptional it is. All of the writers, producers, actors, and everyone involved deserve a huge round of applause for making the best TV show on the air.

Senior Editor