Thursday, October 12

Is Battlestar Galactica Moving To NBC?

Source: HNR

Now that Battlestar Galactica has debuted its third season, there's a rumor floating around - started over at the - that the series may be moving to NBC, and that network brass are just waiting for "the ink to dry," with an official announcement only days away.

As the story goes, the show would make the move to NBC as a mid-season replacement, possibly taking the slot currently occupied by Studio 60.

Don't believe it. As cool as it might be to see the series move to the Peacock network, our sources at the highest echelons of the production - who are in the best position to know - tell us that this comes as a complete shock to them, and that the story is thus clearly nothing more than a rumor.

Certainly, with parent company Universal's involvement in both production and distribution, and NBC's critically panned fall line-up, a move to the big leagues might make sense.

Nevertheless, unless the powers-that-be are all playing their cards close to the vest, the official word as of right now is that Battlestar Galactica will continue unabated on SCI FI Channel for the foreseeable future, with no airings on NBC.

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