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New Book - "Unity" By Steven Harper - April 3, 2007

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Readers who like the TV series, along with fans of the old show and anyone who just likes a rousing space adventure story, will be entranced by Steven Harpers fast-paced, gripping new novel. After a skirmish in which a Cylon craft is destroyed, a colonial-issue escape pod is found floating in space. Aboard Galactica, the crew discover in the pod a survivor, colonial singer Peter Atti, and his Cylon captor. Soon after his liberation, people begin babbling incoherently and dropping into comas. Unwittingly, Peter has been spreading a nerve-deteriorating Cylon weaponand he just performed for half the fleet. As Dr. Gaius Baltar works on a vaccine, a sect of fanatics begins to hail Peter as the religious leader who will save humanity. Like the Cylons, they worship one god, and they believe this virus is the path to salvation. They will do anything to keep the antidote from being distributed. But their salvation could mean the destruction of humankind. Readers will be hooked by the explosive chain of events that unfolds.

Product Details

* Hardcover: 320 pages
* Publisher: Tor Books (April 3, 2007)
* Language: English
* ISBN: 0765316064

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