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TV Guide Review: A Close Shave

Source: TVGuide

In an episode full of gritty and very realistic battle scenes with a lot of casualties, the thing I had the hardest time watching was Kara and Leoben's kiss. Sure I had seen Starbuck snag that knife from Anders and knew she'd kill him (though in front of the kid surprised me) but watching him force her to say she loved him and then kiss him was so genuinely uncomfortable and gave me chills. And when Kara encountered Casey's real mother, it was positively heartbreaking. I'm so used to thinking of Starbuck as this badass who is amazing in battle, but to see her softer side is touching. She seemed so disappointed that the child wasn't hers. I just knew that the child couldn't be a Cylon/Human hybrid – really, otherwise what would the big deal have been about Hera, but having the human mother retrieve her presumed dead daughter from Kara's arms was a particularly cruel twist.

Hera now is in the care of one of the D'Anna's. But I can't figure out what D'Anna was searching for in the human temple… the old psychic woman who told her about the baby's existence perhaps? Or was that where they were hiding the nuke?

I found it hard to be too sad that Tigh had to poison his backstabbing wife. Not sure if it made him feel any better that she told him she slept with one of the Brother Cavil's in order to free him. He seemed pretty upset by the whole situation, and understandably so, and this may sound harsh, but he has always been the one to preach about the casualties of war, and sad as he may be, Ellen is one of them.

Gaius impressed me with his wimpy attitude tonight. He practically begged Gaita to kill him. "I just want to sit here and die." That would be too easy a punishment for him. Baltar needs to suffer for the pain that he's caused the existing human race. I presume that since Laura took back her ship – she's back in charge as interim president. Even though she did lose the hybrid baby, which she originally lied about and hid, she's much more competent than Gaius will ever be. Plus, she realizes her place in society. "This is bigger than us, this is life." Well said, Madam President (or whatever she should be called.)

I'm saving my favorite for last. The sky war was absolutely amazing to watch (truly, the special effects are a marvel since I first saw an unfinished version of this episode.) And the Pegasus did not go down in vain. It was responsible for destroying several Cylon base ships in the progress. I was actually clapping when Apollo and the Pegasus soared in and saved Galactica before the ship and entire crew were destroyed. Adama had already told his crew how much it was an honor working with them. He was willing to go down with the ship in order to save the stranded humans on New Caprica. He deserved the cheers from the adoring crowd when they had all escaped to a safe (for now area.) The father son moment was sweet without being all touchy feely. "Guess you didn't understand my orders?" "I never could read your handwriting." And Adama's mustache shaving was a perfectly subtle way of showing that it is time for a new beginning. This show just does a masterful job of portraying emotions and events without spelling out every small detail. It truly is one of the best shows on television right now, and I just can't wait for next Friday to roll around.

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